Sunday, March 04, 2018

Dopey guy calls the helpdesk

I had a feeling that it would be an interesting experience seeing my guy call the helpdesk after being highly dopey from a handjob. I do applaud him for doing a decent job, but he needed some help here and there.

He called the helpdesk and I was listening in on the conversation. He had indeed locked his account and needed assistance.

There were times when the woman had asked him to do something on his laptop and he didn't know what to do. That's understandable when you want to take a nap.

My guy kept on saying exciting, especially when his password was finally reset. I enjoyed teasing him afterwards.

The most humourous part was seeing my guy type with two fingers, raising each hand high up in the air (I'd say roughly 1.5 feet), and then pressing the key with each pointer finger. It looked like he was playing an exaggerated version of chopsticks on the piano.

At one point, I was laughing hard, but quietly. He gave the upper part of my butt a smack and whispered that I was his bad girl. I loved all of it.

It was nice having pauses between my guy and the helpdesk woman. We kissed and I got to rest my head on his shoulder.

His password was reset just after 21:00.
"Let's grab some dinner," my guy said.
"I can drive. It's probably best," I replied.
"Yes, I came pretty hard," he noted.
"You did," I said, putting my jacket on.
He gave me a few light swats across my butt as we left this room. My guy had to return to submit a form that is mandatory for all employees, so he left his latpop in the room.

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