Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Costco and real Coke

My guy loves shopping at Costco. He called me tonight while walking on a treadmill at the gym.
"The new Costco is fifteen minutes away from my place if I walk there," he explained. "It opens in early November."
"That's great. You might as well live there. You can set up your bed with a new mattress and call it home," I replied.
"Shopping makes me happy," he admitted.
"I know. You get high on saving money," I said factually.
He loves talking to me while working out. He shared the results of his blood test. He knows that I have plenty of supportive suggestions to offer, as I have been there.

He is on a mission to reduce his sugar. His medication that he is on for depression spikes his sugar levels. He is doing well and has lost some weight.

We had a discussion about Diet Coke recently. When we first started dating, he told me that he'd take me to a movie and buy me real Coke instead of a generic cola.
"You can tell when a guy is really into you when he buys you real Diet Coke," he hinted.
"That's true. You are into me in more than one way," I said.
We both chuckled. So true.


  1. Sounds like he's trying to win you over.

  2. Sure wish they'd build a Costco close to my house! Have to drive at least an hour or longer to get to the closest one. Your suggestion to him about living there reminds me of the movie "Where the Heart Is" about the pregnant woman who lived in Walmart until she went into labor. LOL Oh and I wouldn't go out with a guy who won't buy be real diet coke...not having generic cola! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I am lucky to have two Costco stores in my city, which recently became one. It still feels like a town to me. My guy has to drive about half an hour to get to the nearest one in another town, so he is happy that this new one is within walking distance.

      I have never heard of that movie. I may need to watch it on Netflix! Yes, real Coke all the way. =)