Saturday, October 01, 2016

Grumbling, shopping, caressing, and driving

On Friday, I decided to take a vacation day. Without knowing it, I did a good job avoiding some issues at work.

I gave my home phone number a while back to my manager when he needed to talk to me and I was working from home. I have noticed that when he panics, he tends to use it to call me. I'm not that crazy about it.

The other weekend, he asked for my cell phone. I refused politely and said that he had my number. He said that it was my home phone number. I told him that it is tied to my cell number, which is true.

The thing is that my home number is my away-from-work number. I don't want to hear about work, especially when I am on vacation.

Well, on Friday, my day off, he let me a message to tell me that the new contractor that I had been training for two days decided to resign. He cited personal reasons -- his mother is sick. That's fine. However, is it worth it to leave me a voice message when he has already mentioned it a couple of times in work e-mails?

Anyway, it was good that I didn't give him my cell phone number. When he did leave that message, I was in my guy's hometown. He had called me and didn't see me at our favourite liquidation place. I advised that the route that I normally take had a road closure close to the liquidation centre. So, my detour was an extra five minutes away.

It tends to be a madhouse at this place. You get the best bargains at 10 am sharp. To make my guy get up early and snap out of sleepyhead mode, you have to tell him that there is a sale going on.

We met in the store. I couldn't find a bag to put my two items in. My guy had snagged a bag and told me to place my items in his bag. I did. We then split up to look for bargains. He came back about fifteen minutes later with a cart. Yep, he's a pretty savvy shopper.

He looked stylish. I admired his clean-shaven head when he removed his cap for a brief moment.

We chatted and talked about our purchases. He asked me what I thought about his new shirt that he had snagged. It was almost a light pink with blue stripes. I liked it. It's a nice departure from his typical grey, blue, and brown colours.

I bought three pairs of designer pants for a combined total of $20. Yep, I was so happy with my purchases that I haven't done much shopping this weekend.

After we had checked out, my guy walked me over to my car to help me load my goodies into my car. I told him that he looked good and asked if I could caress his head. He took his cap off. I helped myself. I love when he has shaved his head. It's sexy and highlights how perfectly uniform the shape of his head is.

I had to make tracks to Windsor, which is across from Detroit, for a concert that evening. My guy and I were happy that we could spend time together saving money and shopping. It is always great to shop with him.


  1. I work from home so it is very hard to keep my team from calling me. However, my manager and his manager both believe very strongly that if you are 'off the clock', that you should not be contacted unless it is an absolutely emergency regarding a system or tool down.

    Wow CB...I do wish we had a a similar liquidation outlet here with the lovely prices you were able to pay. Happy you and your guy had some time together.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I can relate, Cat. I worked from home full-time for many months before I worked my way being more present at the office. I have learned firsthand that off the clock truly means being away from work. The message that my manager had left on Friday was far from an emergency.

      I hope that a similar liquidation outlet opens near you down the road. My guy told me about it. Again, he is such a savvy shopper that it blows my mind often!

  2. You've told us before your guy likes to shop. He is a unique specimen and you should treasure him, always. My Wanita has been convincing me that I needed new shoes and kept nagging at every shoe store we came across I needed a fresh pair of shoes.
    So finally I bought a new pair of walking shoes. Expensive but good quality.

    Keep up your phone strategy,

    1. I am glad that you have a decent pair of walking shoes. Although Wanita's nagging may have felt excessive, she clearly cares about you and your feet. So, enjoy them for a while before the process repeats itself. =)