Sunday, October 30, 2016

Technology has my attention as of late

All is well. Various distractions have caused me to steer away from blogging momentarily. They are technology-related distractions.

All this troubleshooting has been a bit of a pain. It seems that syncing photos to my iPhone works if I complete this procedure:
  1. Upload my photos to the Photos application on my Mac mini.
  2. Reboot my iPhone.
  3. Close the Photos application.
  4. Close (if it is open) and open iTunes.
  5. Connect my iPhone and sync it with iTunes.
It actually might be best to leave my photos off my phone. I will see how I feel, but at least I have resolved the issue.

Then, my Skype account got hacked on Thursday. I couldn't log into my account. I ended up resetting my password and then finding out that I have Russian contacts. 

It's scary, as my password was a decent mix of characters and numbers to begin with. The hacker managed to use half my Skype credits, which only amounted to $3 CAD. I am asking Microsoft to consider reimbursing me for the amount that I did not use.

On a good note, I have officially changed cell phone providers. I have a new Google Pixel phone, which gives me unlimited space to upload my photos to Google's Photos app.

The Pixel phone is wonderful thus far. My guy listened to me talk about it. I am his geeky gadget girl, after all.

I may ditch my iPhone at this rate! Stay tuned.

I will return to regular blog posts soon.


  1. Congrats on getting your photos synced, CB. So sorry your Skype got hacked. Hope you deleted the Russian contacts. SMH Good gravy! If people would put as much effort into something honest as they do into stealing, hacking, viruses, etc...just think of what they could create.

    Hope you get everything straightened out and are able to participate in LOL days.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. I completely agree with you, Cat. Yes, all Russian contacts have been removed. I am rebuilding my contacts. It's just trying to recall who I had originally!

    I hope to give LOL a shot. Playing with my new phone may provide some competition there!