Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Treehouse time on Saturday night consisting of a hard spanking - part 2

My guy swatted my panty-clad backside with his hand. He shifted over to the middle of my car's backseat. I kissed him on the lips and obediently positioned myself across my guy's lap.

He spanked me with my sturdy purple acrylic ruler over my hot pink panties. I could tell by my guy's reaction that he liked the colour of them. He alternated slapping the ruler on each buttock. He told me that I was a bad girl each time. He then went into a stern talk about how bad I was. He punctuated each word with a hard slap across each buttock.

My butt was warming up and was stinging.
"It hurts," I said to him, moving my right hand over my butt to rub it.
"Move your gorgeous hand," my guy instructed, tapping it lightly with the ruler.
"My bottom hurts," I whined.
He moved my hand, kissed it, and then spanked me some more with the ruler.

I was squirming a bit over his lap as the slaps continued.
"It hurts a lot," I told him.
"Really?" he asked rhetorically.
He briefly put the ruler down and gave me a dozen smacks with his open hand.
"That hurts more!" I protested playfully.
"It's going to hurt more," he told me, pulling down my panties.
"Oh, no... not my bare bottom!"
I love when he pulls down my panties to expose my butt. I feel like I have been such a bad girl.

He used the ruler hard across my bare butt. I loved the sound of the ruler landing on each buttock.
"Admit that you're a bad girl," he said to me.
"No!" I said defiantly.
"I will continue to spank you hard until you say that you're my bad girl."
He probably got another dozen hard slaps in before I finally caved and said that I was bad. He chuckled, pulled my panties up, gave me a couple of lovetaps, and helped me sit down on my sore backside. We kissed and cuddled.
"From now on, I am going to spank you until you admit that you're bad," he said, holding me tightly.
"Okay. As you have said to me, all because I say that I am good, it doesn't mean that I am. Same goes with being bad."
We cuddled for a bit as the soreness set in. He's a good spanker. I enjoyed the hardest spanking that he has ever given me.


  1. LOL CB...thought you agree that you were his naughty geeky girl. Hope you are still enjoying the fruits of his spanking. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I do agree. However, he likes calling me his bad girl these days. I guess that it's because it's shorter than naughty geeky girl!