Wednesday, October 05, 2016

E-mail app suggestion from my guy

I tend to be the one who provides technology-related suggestions to my guy. He often tells me that he dislikes technology, despite both of us working in the field.

Nearly a year ago, I found an app called CloudMagic, which allows us to seamlessly connect to our work e-mail without any issues. My guy loved this app and told me that it changed his e-mail organization and work life for the better.

A couple of weeks ago, CloudMagic changed its name to Newton. It also changed its payment structure from being a free app to charging nearly $70 a year for premium services.

I received an e-mail from him on Monday to try an e-mail app called Alto. He told me, "It's FREE. CB very happy. =)"

I let him know that the basic features of Newton still work after the 14-day free trial that gives you all features. I gave Alto a try. I like it a lot. The user interface is cheerful.

My guy did well with this suggestion. I told him so. He is a happier CB.


  1. Our company has such security on our email, we have to install AirWatch and AirWatch Agent on our phones before we can install our email...then it works seamlessly. Happy you two found some good, free is always good. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Free is my guy's magic word. His whole face seems to light up... LOL!

  2. Free is good. Happy is even better. :)

  3. Our company monitors our mail as well, hence the need of nicknames on the net. Smile about spending money, you two make a bundle of money, but for all I know you could be Dutch. Frugal.

    Big Smile,

    1. haha! Thanks for the compliment, Han. I have nicknamed him Cheap Bastard (CB) for an endearing reason. His frugality is rubbing off on me!