Saturday, October 15, 2016

Costco and panties

My guy absolutely loves shopping at Costco. I tease him that he should live at his local store because he is there so often.

We had this conversation a while back:
"I bought a long-sleeved shirt at Costco today. I haven't bought any clothing there in years," I told him.
"That's good. I'm sure that you look great in it," he replied.
"I think so. I tried it on at the store, over my t-shirt. So, I saved myself a trip to return it if it didn't fit," I said.
"I do that all the time. I will buy a number of articles of clothing, try them on at home, and return what doesn't work for me," he confirmed.
"Too bad there aren't any fitting rooms. Instead, you'd simply see me trying on a bra over my clothes," I laughed.
"If you were trying panties on, I would love to see you trying each pair I give you and seeing your cute butt exposed. I would say, 'No, they don't work. Try these. Okay, let me see the first pair again...'," my guy explained, enjoying the visualization.
He can fantasize all he wants.


  1. ROFL CB...Have this picture in my mind now of you two standing in Costco with you trying on underwear and him giving his opinion. Bet that would be quite a show! :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It would be quite the public show! I would sooner prefer a more private, intimate one away from Costco. =)