Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Naming places of interest on a map with sexy body parts

My guy is the first to admit that he is directionally challenged. I started this conversation the other day.
"It amazes me how you have trouble finding your car in a parking lot. When it comes to finding and touching various parts of me, you have no difficulty. You don't need a map. Nothing," I remarked.
"That's true. I can find any part of you that I'd like to touch, even in the dark," my guy said proudly.
"I wonder why that is," I pondered.
"Maybe various neighbourhoods need to have sexy body part names, like misty valley or nipple hills. I would find my way just fine," he observed.
He would definitely be happy and would be GPS-free!


  1. In my part of the UK we have a village called Six Mile Bottom.

    1. Nice! There's a town on the east coast of Canada called Dildo, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  2. LOL CB...if your guy is a relative of mine, even with sexy names, he would get lost...never gonna be GPS free. Not unless he can feel his way. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. haha! Yes, he'd have to feel his way around. I'd be at peace if he always had a GPS with him. =)