Monday, August 17, 2015

Blog posts, texting, and gifts

One of the main reason why I haven't posted much these days has been because I have been texting on Skype with my guy. When my guy was in Seattle, we had a three-hour time difference. Luckily, I am a night owl, so we would text at around midnight my time. This period is normally dedicated to my blogging up a storm.

So, I have been moonlighting here and there, trying to find alternative times in the day to blog. It's difficult, especially when I work long hours.

Anyway, I hope to get back to more regular blog posts. This post is a good start.

A week ago, my guy brought back a number of gifts for me. Here they are in no particular order:
  • Selfie stick
    I have been fighting getting one. I don't exactly want to join the self-absorbed number out there who take lots of photos of themselves. My guy and I thought that it's helpful to have one when you are travelling alone. We tend to ask other tourists to take our photos, but they don't always turn out as great as you had hoped. I always joke that you can't see the background when I take a selfie because my head is so big. My guy laughs at my remark, but he has always insisted that I exaggerate that point. He says that roughly two-thirds of a person's head is in a selfie.

    Anyway, he got me a selfie stick with a button on the stick itself. It's pink (he couldn't find one in purple, so this colour is my next preferred one). I must admit that it is a lot of fun. I will use it when I travel and when I want my guy to be in a photo with me.

    He bought this item in Seattle for $10. The same model is double the price in Toronto.
  • A glass popcorn popper
    To make a long story short, I like small appliances. I already have a popcorn popper. My guy and I were talking about small appliances. I indicated that I wanted a s'mores maker, but they are only sold during the holiday season. I don't get that, considering that you have s'mores when you go camping.

    I had mentioned to my guy that he could get me a hot dog maker. He flat out doesn't want me to indulge in hot dogs, which I find delicious. In our conversation, he joked that my wanting a hot dog maker was making him angry and said that I should be punished for bringing that request up. I pouted and my guy caved.

    "Why are you saying yes to buying me a hot dog maker?" I asked him.
    "I would buy you anything," my guy said in his sweet way.
    "You're caving," I replied.
    "I know, but I can't be Mr Meanie forever."

    Anyway, I like the idea of popping kernels in a glass container in a microwave, without adding oil. So, he bought that for me, which I love.
  • Dark chocolate edamame from Trader Joe's
    A couple of years ago, I had mentioned to my guy that I loved dark chocolate edamame. I love edamame and dark chocolate separately. Naturally, I would love them together. My guy went to Trader Joe's for the first time and bought me a couple of boxes.

    I had mentioned casually that I was rationing my last box. He brought back two more boxes. I don't have to ration for a while.
  • LED light for seasonal affective disorder
    My guy suffers from bouts of depression. I get sad now and again, but it is nowhere as serious as what my guy deals with. Instead, my mood goes downhill when it's cloudy outside, especially during the winter.

    When I lived in the Central timezone (Manitoba and Minnesota, specifically), there were far more sunny days than there are in southern Ontario. When it's cloudy outside, I feel sluggish and blah.

    When my guy and I first started dating, I told him about a light that I strap around my head that improves my mood. It works, but it's not the most comfortable device, especially for someone like me who has bangs and can't see what I am doing. My guy got me a stand LED light that does the same thing, except that it sits on the table next to you. It solves my I-can't-see issue with the headlight strapped around my head.
My guy gives thoughtful gifts. I still have to talk about the gifts that he got me when he was in Mexico.


  1. What a sweet guy you have CB...such lovely and thoughtful gifts. Maybe he will break down and you will have a hot dog and s'mores machines for Christmas. ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I can only hope that Santa gets me both a hot dog machine and a s'mores machine for Christmas because I am such a good girl. =)