Sunday, August 23, 2015

My guy misses me and can't wait to spank me

Whenever my guy is away, I tend to miss him a ton. Sometimes, it's to the point where it hurts.

Over the years, I have learned to cope. He travels for a living. We both accept that fact and try our best to handle it.

My guy isn't as expressive as I am, but he was on Friday. In the afternoon, he contacted me on Skype. We chatted for a bit. I was about to have my mid-year review at work. So, it wasn't exactly wise for us to engage in phone sex. We can't have me dopey and lethargic!

My review with my boss went well, as my guy had predicted. My boss wanted to go out for a drink with me, which was unchartered territory for me. I was game, though. We ended up having a beer each and appetizers. It was essentially my dinner.

My manager went to use the men's room. I switched on my phone and there was a Skype message from my guy. He had a flight to catch at 06:30 from Istanbul to Cairo. He didn't think sleeping for a couple of hours was worth it. I texted him that I was wrapping up dinner. He told me to take my time.

It was a good outing with my boss. We get along, which helps a ton! The food and beer were yummy.

I got into my car and called my guy on Skype. It's nice to drive home talking to him.

A few hours later, my guy pinged me on Skype again. He was at the most amazing airport lounge in Istanbul, which I can attest to. He sounded sleepy when I talked to him, but he was in good spirits.
"I can't wait to see you again. I need to spank you hard," he insisted.
"Can't you go easy on me and ease me into it, such as giving me a number of light smacks across my bottom?" I suggested.
"No, I have to spank you hard right from the start. You have been such a bad girl that I want you to remember your punishment for many days after it."
"You're such a meanie," I replied.
"I know. I miss you so much these days. It's tough when you are so many kilometres away," he admitted.
My guy comes home in a week. I can't wait.


  1. CB's guy is coming home soon and she's gonna get a hard spanking! Doing my happy dance for you. ;) I am so happy not to constantly be on the road anymore.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I welcome your happy dance! Being on the road does take its toll. My guy used to travel even more frequently than he does these days. He does like travelling, but it's the jetlag that kills him.

  2. It seems a hard life always on the road. It sounds nice and all, but if it's your living every hotel room is just another. He is a lucky guy to have a woman to come home to he can spank.


    1. So true, Han. When he has a break from travelling for work, he would sooner lay low at home. It's perfectly understandable. He seems to enjoy spanking me no matter where we are, though... haha!