Monday, August 31, 2015

Being pleasured an hour after my guy's flight touches down

My guy texted me on Saturday night. His flight had landed just before 20:00. I was thrilled. I welcomed him back. He liked that.

We met an hour later. He looked extremely good, which happens when you miss someone you love for three weeks.

We didn't plan what we were wearing, but we both went with a striped shirt. Mine was a white-and-purple v-neck t-shirt. He had a white-and-blue polo shirt.

He took one look at me as I sat in my car next to his in the parking lot at work and smiled.
"Hello, pretty girl," he said, with a huge grin on his face.
We got into the treehouse. We traded gifts. Mine were from my trip to Las Vegas in July. I had completely forgotten to give them to him. He gave me a cute iPhone case to fit my new phone (it's the same case that I had purchased in Istanbul, except that it's larger) and a glass screen protector. I got him candy and a retractable back scratcher. The latter is pretty neat. I have one, too.

He told me that I looked cuter than he remembered me last. He touched my hair and loved how it framed my face. I ran my fingers through his hair and caressed his right cheek. He has smooth skin for a guy.

We embraced for the longest time. I love being in his arms. He squeezed me and told me multiple times that he missed me.

Next came a indulgent period of kissing. I lose myself in his sweet kisses. It's enjoyable.

We came up for air. He then caressed my left buttock under my skirt, and touched my bare thigh, working his way down my leg to my calf. He then spent a moment to touch my thigh some more.
"You've been a bad girl," he whispered in my ear. "You need to be punished."
"Can't we extend this spanking-free streak?" I asked him.
"I'm afraid not," he said.
We kissed some more before he played with my breasts. He carefully positioned me so that I was leaning back, with the backseat supporting me. I had a black bra under my t-shirt, which drove him crazy. Out came my left breast and he immediately sucked my nipple. It felt so good.

He then lifted my skirt up, pulled down my matching black panties, and proceeded to finger me until I came. It took almost no time.
"I guess I haven't been a bad girl," I remarked.
"Sure, you have," he remarked, while guiding me over his lap.
Part two needs to be in another post. Otherwise, I am writing a novel here!


  1. What a lovely reunion CB...and very nice that you got to enjoy cuddling and cuming before least this time. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Great observation, Cat! Normally, the cuddling and cuming happens after the spanking. We reversed things for a change, which worked out nicely. =)