Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Careful listening leads to a trip to Walmart

My guy is thoughtful. Sometimes, it blows me away.

The other night, we were talking on Skype. Somehow, our conversation led me to talk about a s'mores machine. I saw one a while back at Walmart, but never got around to buying one. I do love s'mores.

Anyway, we had this text conversation on Skype last night. My guy is still in Seattle:
MG: I went to Walmart today
Me: Ooh, Walmart. Any goodies?
MG: They never heard of the s'mores machine
Me: :(
Me: You're sweet for trying to track one down.
MG: I was hoping they would carry it
Me: I saw one here at Walmart in Stouffville a while back.
MG: It would have been a nice surprise that makes you smile that charming smile of yours
It's thoughtful that he remembered that I wanted a s'mores maker and he took the time to find one. Apparently, you can order the s'mores maker online, but it's not the same case finding one at stores. 

We often have disagreements about hot dogs. There is a hot dog machine available. I'd like one, but he is against my eating a ton of hot dogs, as if I would overdose on them. He told me that I was a bad girl. I like when he does that. It's fun pushing his buttons and teasing him.


  1. Hope you can find a s'mores machine soon CB. Ya know, you might just have to buy a hot dog machine and then tell your guy when you use it so you can push his buttons every so often. It doesn't have to be used for hot dogs just as my waffle iron is used for more than just waffles. Of course, he doesn't have to know if you put something other than hot dogs in the machine. ;)
    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I love your idea! Yes, the hot dog machine probably has more uses than just hot dogs. I have to buy one to figure that out. =)

      My guy is okay if I go to Costco and have a hot dog on occasion. So, he's caving a bit. =)