Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Manager-employee scene thoughts on Skype

Chatting with my guy on Skype is great when he is away for long stretches. The longing to see each other can be heart-wrenching at times. I am glad that we'll be seeing each other soon.

Last week, we had phone sex. It started off as a regular, how-was-your-day chat.

I was telling my guy that the two other writers that I work with are not assertive. One of them asked me for permission to fill out a form to test-drive software. It was odd. I told my guy that I would have just done it, without asking my boss for permission.

My guy said that our boss would appreciate having someone like me make such decisions, as I am an independent worker. I told my guy that he should be my boss. We both liked that thought. Chatting about work led to the following scene.

My guy's office would have double-sided locks. All the office doors at work tend to lock from the outside, which is why we do not have quality time there.

We would lock my guy's office door. We would make out, kissing each other on the lips, face, neck, and gradually moving down our bodies.

He'd ask whether I had been a good girl. Of course, I hadn't been. He'd bend me over the wooden desk, lift my skirt up, and spank me with this bare hand. He would then remove my lacy panties and continue spanking me until I couldn't handle the pain anymore.

He would then finger me until I came. It would be followed by my guy inserting his hard member up my butt. Having his bare legs against mine while reaching orgasm was an arousing thought.

Afterwards, my guy said that folks would wonder what we were doing in his office for so long. Folks would notice that my clothes looked different on me after leaving his office to head back to my cubicle. Colleagues would step into my guy's office and see that a pair of panties were on the floor. My guy would end up having a collection of my panties in his desk drawer. When he gets horny, he would ejaculate on a pair.

It's quite the scene. I think the excitement lies in being intimate at work, which we can't do. If only offices and conference rooms had double-sided locks! We have never had anal sex, although we have been taking baby steps to make sure that I am comfortable with his fingers in me. We both agreed that we'd like to try that out sometime.

We also enjoyed the thought of having me in the office without any panties on. My guy feels that I give the impression that I am conservative, but I am really not. The duality is intriguing.

Two more days remain before we see each other again. The wait has been long. I am glad that it's nearly over.

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