Saturday, April 27, 2013

Queued spankings

Well, my guy is still sick, but seems in better spirits. As a result, we'll see each other on Monday. It'll give him the weekend to get better.

We chatted online earlier this afternoon. He hasn't written to me, so I wanted to know if he was at work. Instead, he convinced me to take it easy and not go into the office. He's good that way in making sure that I don't work too hard. Frankly, I am a workaholic.

Anyway, I do like the idea of having a birthday spanking by getting smacks from a ton of folks. The thought of doing something like what this video shows intrigues me both as the birthday girl and the spanker.

This video reminds me of the Flintstones' episode in which Wilma and Betty dress up as male lodge members. They sneak into a meeting and get paddled by a number of lodge members. I could only find the Spanish version of the episode, but it works for me at around the 20:00 mark.

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