Friday, April 12, 2013

Skyping about being tied down, spanked, paddled, and more

In the past, whenever my guy and I would chat on Skype, we would know right off the bat whether it would be strictly a conversational, chatty session, or phone sex. Perhaps the latter should be dubbed Skype sex...

Anyway, the neat delineation in the past is no longer the case these days. Tuesday's chat was an example.

We talked about our day. I had problems accessing a file repository at work that was perfectly fine for most of the day. My guy was in the heart of downtown Sao Paulo, which didn't have too much touristy attractions for him to do after work.

I talked about my recent toy purchases, which included restraints.
"The restraints are great. You can either tie the cuffs together as wrist cuffs, or you can separate them and tie my wrists to the bedposts."
"I like the idea of tying you to the bedposts. Your face would be down. I'd lift your skirt up and pull down your lacy panties that I love so much," he started.
"Would you spank me?" I asked him.
"Yes, I would spank your bare bottom hard with my hand at first. When my hand hurts, I'd bring out the leather paddle and spank you until your butt is bright red."
It's an endearing, wonderful image. We talked more about fingering me and spanking me until I reached orgasm.

What I find sexy is my guy fingering either my pussy or my clit, and then leaning right up against me to talk to me -- to speak to me softly in my ear. It turns me on. I can't explain why. I never thought that it would.

We both eventually got off. With my guy, it was a combination of my sucking him while alternating between groping his butt and playing with his balls. He has never come on my breasts, but we both like that thought and would like to try that out.

Naturally, we were both feeling dopey afterwards. It was nice.

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