Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Being on business makes my guy emote more than usual

My guy will be on the road for another 1.5 weeks before I see him again. It can be rough at times. We miss each other's company. We both miss the physicality of being together. We miss chatting in-person.

We were hoping to chat tonight on Skype. Unfortunately, he had a rough day on the road.

Although he doesn't emote as much as I do, he is slowly coming around. He specifically logged on to Skype just before he was going to hit the sack. He has never done that before.

He logged on simply to wish me a good night. We sent instant messages for the next fifteen minutes. He wasn't down in spirits, but I could tell that he wanted to talk. The unfortunate part was that it was midnight his time. We have a six-hour time difference.

He tends to end his e-mails these days with kisses as the closing salutation. It's different and it takes getting used to, but I like it. I prefer it over cheers. He used the same thing before we ended our chat tonight.

I miss him. I know that the feeling is mutual. Otherwise, he wouldn't have logged on for that brief period just for us to wish each other sweet dreams and such.

Anyway, my next post will talk about a chat we had on Sunday. We both made up a scenario in which we'd like to act out down the road. And yes, I get spanked in it, of course!

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