Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hand and body creams require an applicator

The last time my guy and I were together, we were in the training room at work. It was a holiday.

There are a number of details that I didn't mention. My post was rather long, but the main points were all there.

After my guy had spanked, fingered, and got me off, he kissed the small of my back several times. I loved it. He has kissed me there one other time. It's sweet.

My guy has told me that I have nice skin. Ever since my guy had given me two tubes of ultra-moisturizing lotion, I have been applying them religiously on my hands and legs just before I go to bed.

I wrote my guy an e-mail last night. Here's the part about the hand and body cream:
By the way, I love the hand creams that you got me. They smell nice and they hydrate my skin nicely. I look forward to the day when you can apply for the job as my official applicator. =)
My guy did well in the which-creams-should-I-buy department. Yes, my pun was intentional in my e-mail. He wrote back to me a few hours later:
Glad you like the hand creams and look forward to assume my new position as official cream applicator (hands and otherwise :))
Sure, being apart for weeks is tough. He's sweet to leave me gifts at work. Writing and chatting are important. The time apart doesn't seem so bad.

My guy is currently up in the air, flying over to Sweden. My guess is that he's stopping over in Frankfurt, but I could be wrong. Last time, he stopped in Copenhagen, got me a chocolate croissant, and flew home. He's incredibly thoughtful and spoils me. I have truly lucked out.

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