Thursday, April 25, 2013

A sweet conversation to start off the day

I wish that every morning started off this way. I will need to backtrack a bit.

On Sunday, my guy and I had started to chat on Skype. However, his hotel room had lost power and he was fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the fuse box. Yes, I was shocked that it has a fuse box right in the room itself.

So, his room had power once he had flicked the fuse switch, but his laptop would not charge properly. He only had ten minutes of battery power. As a result, we only chatted for ten minutes.

He felt bad about not being able to chat. I was wondering whether it was his laptop's battery that was shot or his charger. Well, the following day, he borrowed a charger from a client in Amsterdam for the day, and then went out to buy a new one.

On Monday morning, we chatted on Skype. I was feeling sluggish, mainly because I had tried to sleep in after having woken up from six hours of solid sleep. That attempt wasn't a wise one.

My guy convinced me to take the day off, to not go into work, and to take it easy. He knows that I work hard. I took his advice and did just that.

We actually chatted again on Skype later on that day. He asked me whether I had wanted a sex toy while he was in Amsterdam. He wanted to get me my first dildo, to remind me of him when he was on the road. It's quite the thoughtful gift!

Anyway, he had hoped to chat with me on Tuesday. I had figured that he'd be too busy sightseeing, shopping, and packing to chat. So, I wasn't upset when he didn't.

This morning, after having fixed myself some breakfast, I fetched my laptop and powered it up. I don't normally go and grab my cell phone first thing in the morning. I don't know what possessed me to do it this morning, but I am sure glad that I did.

As soon as I had picked it up, my phone rang. It was a long-distance number that I didn't recognize. Knowing how curious I can be, I picked it up.
"Hello, Cutiebootie speaking," I said.
"Did you just wake up?"
"I called you an hour ago. I know that you're an earlybird."
In a rare move, my guy had called me from the car rental place at the airport an hour earlier. He was now waiting to board his flight back home. It was great to speak to him this morning.
"I got you a dildo," he said.
"Thanks so much. What colour is it?" I asked.
"It's a light pink," he said.
"That's very feminine," I remarked.
"I will leave it in your desk drawer at work, in a bag," he said.
"That sounds good. I would hate it to be standing up in front of my monitor as a paperweight."
We both laughed. It would be a pretty good conversational piece.
"Can we do lunch at our usual place tomorrow?" he asked me rather sweetly.
"That sounds good. It would be nice to see and chat with you."
"Maybe after lunch, we can have dessert," he hinted.
"You really can't wait, can you?" I asked him rhetorically.
"For sure."
It has been three weeks since I last saw him. Touched him. Kissed him. Got spanked by him.

I told him the other day that I longed to see him. I can't believe that in several hours, I will.

The wait is about to end. It's about time!

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