Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Good Friday, great spanking, and more

My guy had a seminar to do on Friday. He didn't realize that it was Good Friday when he had asked his attendees if they were okay with meeting online for the seminar. My guy missed me so much that he said that we could schedule some quality time before that.

One he had figured out that it was a holiday, he was his usual self in asking if I was fine driving for 45 minutes to get to our usual meeting place. I told him that it was worth it. After all, we hadn't seen each other in weeks. He agreed with me that Skype has helped us while we were apart, but being physically together would be better.

Before he boarded his plane, he wrote an e-mail, indicating that his flight was 45 minutes late. He advised that if the delay was too long, that I didn't have to come. I checked his expected arrival time. His plane was attempting to make up for lost time and would touch down twenty minutes later than expected. I wrote to him, saying that it would be okay to meet him.

Well, I got to our usual spot and it was busy. A pet show was being held in this conference centre. I decided to drive down the road to work and see if I could catch him. Sure enough, my guy was heading in his car in the opposite direction. So, I followed him to our usual area, which had only one vacant parking spot.

I honked at him. He looked back. He got out of his car. I rolled down my window. We talked. I reached out for his hand. We talked as we held hands. We decided to try the training room at work and hoped that no one we knew would be there.

We got to our work parking lot. We traded gifts. I gave him a belated birthday gift. My guy often has to scan a bunch of travel receipts, so I got him a portable hand-held scanner. He loved it. He gave me some "silly items" from his travels. His gifts are never silly. He even got me a chocolate croissant from Copenhagen. Yum!

We headed into the training room. It was available. Although you need a fob to get through the door, I also bolted the door, for good measure.

We put our stuff down. We headed to the back of the room. We looked at each other. He looked good. He told me that I did, too. We embraced for a long time. Normally, we kiss first. We eventually got to the kissing part.

He caressed my breasts. He looked under my grey v-neck sweater and liked my black bra. My breasts came out of my bra and he sucked on each nipple. I felt great.

We hugged some more. He groped my backside. He pulled my jeans up, which excited me. His hard cock rubbed up against my crotch.
"You need to be punished," he whispered in my ear.
"No, I don't," I said.
He gave my backside several smacks. I enjoyed each one.
"Bend over," he told me, directing me to the wooden desk.
"I don't think that I should take my jeans off," I said, playing a hesitant girl.
"How come?" he asked me sweetly, hugging me from behind.
"My bottom will hurt more," I said, sliding down my jeans and assuming the position.
"I love your lacy black panties," he said, caressing my backside.
Soon, the scolding and smacks came down. He alternated spanking each buttock. Each smack increased in intensity. I was getting excited.

My guy slid by panties down to my ankles, which joined my jeans. He spanked me even harder across my bare bottom. He started to finger my clit. He was getting me excited. I wanted to climax, but he would take his finger out and spank me. It was frustrating, yet exciting.
"You're not as wet as I thought you'd be," he remarked, teasing me.
"You're being mean by not letting me come!"
A few swats later, he fingered me and I came. I was so happy. I also knew that he wasn't done with me being bent over.

He fingered my butt. It has been a long time. He asked me if I felt like a slut. I agreed that I was his slut.

I gasped when he put another finger up my butt. I was enjoying it. I got even more turned on when he leaned against me. I loved the feel of his chest against my back. He put his head next to my neck, and whispered that I was his. He proceeded to grope my left breast. I came again and felt like a vegetable.

My guy enjoys putting my clothes back on me. He pulled up my panties, then my jeans, and then buttoned and zipped the latter.
"I feel like doll when you undress and dress me," I replied.
"You are a doll."
We hugged for a bit. I played with his hard cock under his pants. He told me to not worry about him. He wanted to pleasure me today. My guy still felt bad that I didn't reach orgasm a couple of times when we were on Skype.

We both took turns making a trip to the washroom. My guy went first. I didn't have my fob with me, as I didn't expect to be at work. He lent me his, which was on his key chain. I teased him by saying that I was going to take his car for a spin.

My guy stopped me by grabbing my crotch and rubbing it. I asked if he could release me, so that I could go. He gave my left buttock a slap while looking at me. He let me go. It was nice.

My guy invited me to stay with him. He said that I could leave halfway through his seminar if I wanted to. I told him that I liked his offer and I always like his company. He smiled.

I wasn't expecting what was about to happen.

My guy started his online seminar. I sat next to him and I was intrigued to hear the material that he was attempting to deliver.

He held my hand. I squeezed it. Between pauses, he leaned over and kissed me on my lips. He continued to rub my hand.

Moments later, he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. We both managed to pull them down to my ankles.

My guy reached under my panties and went for my pussy, which was already dripping wet from the previous activities. He wanted to make me have multiple orgasms. Each one took longer to achieve, but I ultimately did.

The toughest part was trying not to pant or scream too loudly, as my guy was calmly talking online. I was incredibly dopey and content afterwards that I leaned over and hugged him. I love cuddling up to him. He enjoys it, too.

I rested there for a bit and managed to sit back against my chair, with my eyes closed. He had told me earlier that he wanted to focus on me. Well, that changed. I didn't notice that he had taken down his pants and briefs until I saw his erect cock in front of my face when he kissed my forehead. He was standing up, still talking online, but was horny.

I debated whether to wrap my hand around his penis or suck on it. It had been ages since I had wrapped my lips around his head that I decided to kiss it. I then gave him a blowjob.

I know my guy too well. The problem is that he was giving a serious seminar. I knew that he would not come. So, I played with him for a bit. I touched him. I groped his bare buttocks. I played with his balls. I stroked his hard member. He enjoyed it, although we both knew that he wanted to end his seminar and ejaculate.

At one point, my guy placed his hard cock under my bra. It was snug against my right breast. It felt good. We both agreed later that it was hot.

Frankly, I was too dopey to do much. Luckily, his 1.5-hour seminar was finally over.

My guy pulled up his briefs and pants. I was still sitting there in my chair, wanting to sleep. I could feel him come over. He was straddling me, practically sitting on my lap. He embraced me. He lovely simulated humping me.
"You must like me a lot," I said, in an extremely dopey voice.
"I do like you a ton," he said, planting plenty of kissed on me.
I eventually opened my eyes. He was sitting in a chair, looking directly at me. He held my hands.

"You are beautiful," he said, looking at my face and then my hands.

He asked what my ring size was. We are similar in height and he thought that we had the same ring size. It turns out that I am a ring size smaller than he is digit-wise.

I have rings on my middle and ring fingers. He took them off and looked at them. He then slipped them back on my fingers. He has never done that before, either. I felt like Cinderella, but with my rings being glass slippers.

We talked for a bit. We hugged more. He gave me plenty of kisses. He told me that he was satisfied that I could no longer reach orgasm for the day and playfully played peekaboo, looking at my black bra under my sweater. He felt good. I obviously did, too.

My guy is on the road for several weeks. I got a bit sad when he told me so. He hugged me tighter.

We left work just before 21:00. We have never held hands in the parking lot at work. My guy didn't care. Although there were plenty of cars parked there, which was pretty rare for a holiday, my guy reached out and held my hand as he walked me to my car.

He's a sweet guy. I wished him a pleasant trip to his next destination. As always, Skype and e-mail are our friends.

Needless to say, I slept well that evening. I am sure that he did, too.

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