Friday, April 26, 2013

Things don't always go as planned

Well, I am a bit bummed out (no pun intended). Sadly, the wait continues.

My guy wrote an e-mail to me this morning, saying that he wasn't feeling too well. Naturally, he wasn't going into the office, and had to postpone our lunch and dessert date (yes, the latter means treehouse time) today. He felt bad about it.

Of course, I wanted him to feel better. I told him to take it easy and let me know if he was feeling better the following day. I wished that I could kiss him and make him feel back to his normal self. We have been apart for weeks now. Waiting another day won't kill us. I am an optimist, after all.

Unfortunately, my longing for him was more apparent as the day went on. I do miss him.

I know that when I am travelling, I tend to get sick toward the end of my trip. I am not sure why that is, but it isn't surprising. My guy coming down with something doesn't surprise me.

I saw some fact recently that said that sex and cuddling tends to increase your immune system. Here's hoping that we can spend some time to remedy our ailments soon.

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