Thursday, April 04, 2013

A lull - my guy is not in his happy place and is miles away

My guy is moody. On Saturday, he wrote be a sweet e-mail, saying how much he loved his birthday gift from me and how great I am in the gift-giving department.

I have mentioned in the past that he has called me his girlfriend a couple of times. In this e-mail, he did it a third time. It is rare that he calls me his girlfriend and that I call him my boyfriend. Instead, we tend to give each other playful nicknames.

Well, the playful nickname trend came crashing down on Monday. I didn't hear from him for a couple of days. He is on the road and normally lets me know that he's okay.

He did eventually send me an e-mail on Monday night. He told me that he has been in a "bit of a bad mood." He never explained why. He said that he would "resurface soon." He used my real first name as part of the opening salutation. The last time he did so in a private e-mail was the first few e-mails that we had sent to each other when we started dating.

Perhaps I am reading into his e-mail more than I should, but it certainly convinced me that he was not his regular self. I told him that if he wanted to talk about it, to just let me know. I also said that he probably needed a real hug, but that I could only offer a virtual one to him for the time being.

He wrote back to me tonight. He seems like he is on the mend. He told me that I was my sweet self and that my virtual hug helped.

I am hoping that we'll talk soon. I do miss him, but I also know that he needs some time to work out whatever is bugging him. Pressing him to tell me will not work. When he is ready to tell me, he eventually does.

I do worry about him when he get into such a dark zone. If I were with him, I would be holding him in my arms, reassuring him that things do work out.

Anyway, before my guy got in his bad mood, he told me on Friday that he'd like to tie me up sometime. He reassured me that I'd like what he'd do to me. I knew that! My job is to find ties or cuffs that he can use on me. The research is fun. I have found something that I like and it's on sale, too!

I also need to get a feather duster. Although it's not a mandatory item, my guy and I had watched a video in which a woman in a French maid costume was using a feather duster on a man. She was dusting around his balls and cock, alternating between this task and sucking his hard cock. I would like to give the feather duster a try. My guy likes envisioning me sucking him in such an outfit.

Thanks for reading along. It has been an odd week. I miss him, but I am hopeful that he'll get back to his usual self.

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