Saturday, April 20, 2013

Compliments and sex toy shopping

I was pretty blue on Friday. A number of incidents have contributed to my sadness, one of which was not being able to talk to my guy for nearly the entire week.

Well, we did connect on Skype this afternoon. I normally go into work on Fridays, but I didn't feel like it. Instead, I worked half the day and spent most of my afternoon driving around.

My guy could tell from my Skype messages that I wasn't myself. So, when we spoke, he wanted to hear what was bugging me. I did feel better afterwards.

My guy is in the Netherlands. He is there for two weeks. Yesterday, he saw his cousin who lives there.
"You know what?" he said enthusiastically.
"What's that?" I asked him back.
"My cousin has a Chinese girlfriend," he replied.
"I know. It must run in our genes or something," he said. "My girlfriend is better looking, though."
"Aw, you're just saying that because you're biased."
"No, it's true," he said, adamantly. "His girlfriend smokes up like a chimney. They are a compatible couple. They both smoke tons."
"Ah, okay," I said.
"You, on the other hand, are smoking-hot as a non-smoker."
"I have always loved how smooth you are," I said, smiling. "Your compliments make me want to blush and hide."
"Blushing isn't a bad thing," he replied. "I like when you curl up next to me and rest your head against my chest when you blush."
We both agreed that we like to cuddle. We both miss that.

He asked me whether I wanted a sex toy from Amsterdam. At first, I suggested that he get me a lexan paddle, although I would guess that they are difficult to find in a store and I'd be better off ordering one online. Instead, he suggested getting me a dildo. I am perfectly fine with that.

He's thoughtful. I like that he is always thinking about my ever-growing toy box.

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