Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spontaneous spankings

I find it both refreshing and exciting to either give or receive a spanking spontaneously. No planning. No reason is necessary, other than it being the right time to do so. I'll share a couple of examples.

A few months after G and I were married, I woke up one morning and loafed around in bed as G was getting ready for work. I was lying on my side, reading in bed. G came over and flipped me over to my stomach.

"What are you doing?" I asked. It was a rhetorical question.

Over my pajama shorts, he spanked my bottom a number of times with his bare hand. He then reached over and grabbed the wooden hairbrush on the dresser. He gave my bottom several smacks with the instrument before he hugged and kissed me. I had a sore bottom and he had a huge grin on his face as he walked out the door to get to work.

My second example? Here goes...

A few years later, G decided to make some dinner that was cooking in the oven. He said it would take another half an hour before we'd eat. I was good with that and went back into the den to continue some writing I was doing on the computer.

Roughly half an hour later, I walked into the living room. G was there to greet me. He said that dinner would take longer than first though. He confessed that he had forgotten to turn on the stove.

Without thinking this through, I pulled down his underwear, bent him slightly forward, and gave him a good spanking. I then left him to stand up on his own and pull his underwear back up. He enjoyed it. So did I, as he went back into the kitchen to check on dinner.

Spontaneous spankings rule.


  1. Well, it certainly sounds like you have one heck of a wonderful, umm, spanktastic relationship :)

    Warmest regards,
    "The Cherry Red Report"

  2. I'm new to your postings, but they are great! Im glad you came back to writing. I am going to link you up to our blog too.


  3. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for dropping by and for all your comments. They mean a lot to this new spanko blogger.

    I'll be adding your site to my links section. Thanks for inviting me!

  4. Hi Allie,

    Thanks for checking out my blog and for your encouragement. I'm enjoying reading your blog, too, and your animated image is oh-so cute! Take care. =)