Monday, August 06, 2007

A number of spanking tidbits

Geez, it has been quite some time since I last wrote. I just want to say thanks to Brucie for posting a couple of messages a few weeks ago. I appreciate your taking the time to add insight to my posts and for sharing your experiences with me. It means a lot, considering that I'm new to the spanking blog world.

Well, this post refers to a couple of things that DJ, a colleague at work, said last week. He is on a strict diet and has since lost nearly fifty pounds in roughly four months. He looks great. However, he's getting tired of his low-carb diet.

He told me that he might get off it soon and be a "naughty boy." He then made the comment that he'd be "whipped." I have suspected that he's a closet spanko. The whole naughty boy scenario is such a turn-on.

My hubby likes when I take him over my knee and call him a naughty little boy as I give him a sound spanking. As for when I'm over his knee, I do a bit of a reversal. I'll protest that I'm not a naughty girl, but a good one. The smacks on my bare bottom generally get more intense, which I love.

As for recent spankings in our household, I recently found a paddle that I had purchased a few years back. It has a few holes in it. It's more like a wide ruler with holes that you can put in a three-ring binder. Anyway, it was used on my bottom. I loved it, although it hurt like crazy to get paddled a number of times on my unclothed backside. Still, I enjoy feeling the effects of a sound spanking, particularly the day after. Try sitting on a park bench for ten minutes the day after such a spanking. You'll understand. It's all good.


  1. I like it when my SO takes me to task and calls me a naguhty little boy. She does resist the urge to say she is a naughty girl but once we get rolling she has no problem articulating I will be a good girl line. I read the item writtn below and I too remember fondly the paddywhack song. This song led me to my first experience in the realm. Woodside

  2. Hi Cutiebootie,

    I'm glad you're okay. I was wondering. I like your blog a lot.

    For starters, I like the way you express yourself. Your choices in descriptive language say only good things to me about you. There are scads of spanking blogs out there, but most of them leave me cold. I can't relate to people who figure spanking has made them famous or else it should've done. And everybody's always telling everybody else how wonderful they are, with Shadow Lane at the centre of their universe.

    The fact that you're there in Toronto (I'm out here in Greater Vancouver) and you're new to this and you write in such an honest, unaffected style - well, like I said, I'm glad you're back.:)

    One of my favourite spanking photos shows a guy stood before two women on a couch as one of them undoes his trousers. The domme I called Mummy Em used to pull down my pants in that same fashion. For this particular naughty boy, that's like entering a place of worship. Seriously.

    Naughty boys getting spanked on their bare bums was what we chatted about (mostly me). Believe me, it can be very tempting to try to introduce spanking into an otherwise non-spanking conversation. The word all by itself has such evocative potency for me. "SPANKING." ;-)

    It might've just been 'pretending to be kinky' on the part of your colleague. But it's also taking a chance. I was once trying to quietly tell my former hairdresser about my spanking habit when her young know-it-all blabbermouth of an assistant broke in to declare that any man with maternal spanking fantasies was a sicko. I found myself a new hairdresser, and felt good about doing it, too.

  3. It's too bad this blog isn't enjoying more activity. I guess it would if it could. Trouble is, all the claptrap being passed off elsewhere as spanking talk is keeping it from seeing much daylight. Hard to keep pace with only two posts in a month.

  4. Woodside: Thanks for taking the time to visit and to share your thoughts... much appreciated! Glad I got to rekindle some of your first spanking experiences.

    Brucie: Thanks again for your support and encouragement. It's nice to hear from a fellow Canadian. =)

    I have been meaning to do an entry about triggers just with the word spanking. I just posted my recollections of seeing spankings on television and hearing my teacher threaten to smack our innocent bottoms. I probably have one more post on this to go.

    I wish I could update my blog more frequently, but I think my slower pace of every week or two is pretty good, since it took me nearly a year to get back into writing here. I am really here to plop my spanking experiences down these days. I can look back at them later and perhaps analyze what I have written and what it all means.

    I enjoy it when folks like you enjoy what I'm writing about. I think in time, this blog will make waves. For now, I'm content serving a smaller audience and being happy with the thoughtfulness that I add to each of my posts.