Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday spanking video from

I'm posting a day after my last entry.  I'm fine... really!

After I had posted yesterday's entry, I went to check Aunty Agony's site out, which had a clip of a young woman getting a one-whack birthday spanking.  I viewed it and continued viewing birthday spanking-related clips.

This one, by far, intrigued me:

Geez, I wish when I was a teenager, that I had had friends who would smack my bottom like that on my birthday.  I should make a note next year on my birthday to wear a miniskirt that barely covers my cheeks.  I doubt I'd gather so many friends, but G could help in this department.

I love this video.  I am envious!


  1. This blog is by you, about you, and for you. I think that's why you get so few comments. You don't solicit any, and rarely pay them much notice if and when they do appear. Heck, even good old Jim appears to have lost interest. Tsk.

  2. It's such a shame that you feel the need to use your snarky "tsk" remark again. Obviously, my response to you the last time you made such a similar remark didn't fully sink in. I will applaud you for noticing that this is my blog. Progress has been made on your part.

    Again, I'm not interested in soliciting comments. When I get comments, I try and respond as soon as I can. My responding isn't as quick as you'd like it to be. I'm sorry. Feel free to find a different blog to read. I don't need this. Perhaps you are right. I should make this a private blog, to avoid wasting my time responding to you.

    As for your speculation about Jim, it's uncalled for. Obviously, I have kept your interest. Too bad it's for all the wrong reasons.

    I'd suggest that you create your own blog called *tsk* and solicit as many comments as you like. You'd do well in this new endeavour, I reckon...

  3. Hey, really great video. Much better than most of this genre. Thanks for giving it wider exposure like this.

  4. Thanks, Karl! I should spend more time doing video searches and finding gems like this one. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey cutiebootie, let me recommend to you this blog. It's not so much spanking as domination, but I think you'll like it. Here it is.

  6. I love the recommendation, Karl! I'm just completed reading the first six entries. It's a great blog. I must add it to my links section. =)