Saturday, July 07, 2007

Aftermath of birthday spanking 2007

I woke up at around 08:30 the day of my birthday and could feel the dull ache from getting a rather sound birthday spanking roughly 8.5 hours earlier. It was nice.

It is a ritual for me to whine to my hubby after getting my bottom smacked.
"My bottom hurts," I'll playfully say in a whine.
"Good," he'll reply.

When I first reacted this way earlier in our relationship, he actually felt bad for me. I then had to tell him that I do it because it's a playful way of telling him that he did a superb job of smacking my backside and having its soreness last for a couple of days. He appreciates this odd way of complimenting his handy work... ha!

I decided to head over to the beach at around 15:00. I sat there on a wood bench. Probably ten minutes later, I felt like squirming, for my butt was getting uncomfortable. I'd get in my car. With the sun beaming down and warming my car seat, it was kind of a soothing reminder of how warm my backside felt after my birthday spanking.

I did get a few love-taps at the end of the night. My bottom was definitely sore. It's back to normal now. Temporarily. Thank goodness!

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