Monday, April 09, 2007

Lovetaps and swats in the early years

Yep, I'm still talking about certain incidents that have made me the spanko I am today. It's really a culmination of various people when I was young giving me lovetaps on my backside.

I was a pretty good kid growing up. I suppose that to find something bad about me at school was difficult, so it led to these light swats from time to time.

I recall being in grade 2 and I had signed up for swimming lessons in the summer. My mom was interesting and got me a blue two-piece bikini. I wore it one day and had befriended a girl named Amanda. We were swimming laps in the pool, but doing the tag team routine. I recall finishing my lap and getting out of the water. Amanda, before going into the pool to swim her lap, would smack my bottom when I was getting out of the pool. She did this a number of times. Frankly, I didn't mind it. I can't recall if I actually returned the favour.

In grade 3, after morning recess, the librarian was in the stairway, making sure that all students made their way to their classes. She was an important part of my speech classes that I took the previous year (I was a grade level ahead in English, but needed speech classes, for I didn't speak English at home), so we knew each other. Well, I walked past her, said hi, and she swatted my bottom with her hand. I just remember the tap over my red raincoat.

I haven't really mentioned that I'm a switch. These days, I enjoy receiving spankings more than I do giving. When G and I were dating, he basically got more spankings from me than the reverse. I think part of this came during my elementary years.

One day, during the afternoon recess, when I was in grade 5, one of my friends was sitting on the shoulders of another friend. My third friend decided to give the friend way up high a spanking. I joined in. It was friendly and fun.

I think my interest in giving spanking was most prominent in grade 6. My best friend's birthday was December 6th. The day before, I gave her the bumps, which consisted of my kneeing each cheek of her backside six times. It was fairly popular at my school. I then gave her birthday spanking. I gave her twelve smacks, one to grow on, and pinched each cheek. This experience probably made me enjoy birthday spankings, both giving and receiving.

Even my grade 6 teacher got a loving birthday spanking from a couple of my peers. He was 38 years old that year. I didn't join in. Rather, I enjoyed watching it.

Back then, I wished my birthday wasn't in July. It would have been nice to have received a birthday spanking from my friends, when I could see them more often. These days, when it is my birthday, I can count on getting a lengthy birthday spanking. I can't complain one bit.