Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday spankings - past and future

My birthday is in early July. My husband's birthday is a week before mine. Already, I am thinking about how I am going to administer his birthday spanking and how I want my bottom dealt with on mine.

I'm thinking about doing something different with G with year. Normally, I take his age and administer that many smacks on each cheek with my hand. I then give him two more smacks on each cheek for good measure. This is all done with him over my knee and his bare bottom exposed. I'll then pinch each cheek once. After that, I spank him some more with my hand, which can range anywhere between twenty and two hundred smacks, I estimate.

This year, I'm thinking of giving him birthday smacks for every birthday he has had, and a smack for each birthday to grow on. Mathematically, I guess that would add up to n! + n, where n represents his age on his birthday. See, taking math is pretty useful...

As for me, over the years, I have asked him to first give me a warm-up spanking on my birthday, which consists of going over his knee and getting n + 1 spanks on my clothed bottom with his hand. He'll then remove my pants and spank me a few times, before pulling down my panties and giving me n x 10 smacks on my bare bottom. After that, he'll mix it up between his hand and the wooden paddle on my bare bottom, giving me a fairly hard spanking and a thoroughly smarting backside.

I have many birthday spanking memories since being with G. I had never received a birthday spanking in my life until I met him. I lived out my fantasy of being over his knee at 00:01 on my 25th birthday, first having him give me 25 + 1 hard smacks on my bare bottom with his hand, and then another 250. I went to bed with my fairly sore bottom.

Later on in the day, he took me to the Olive Garden for my birthday lunch. I sat on a wooden chair for over two hours and my bottom ached. I playfully told him so. He gave me this huge grin on his face, satisfied with the work that he had done on my poor backside. I smiled, too, for he loved me and we were celebrating my special day.

I have more birthday spanking memories to write about. I'm off to see if G will pretend that it's my birthday now. I'll just say that I'm 80 years old and will hand him my hairbrush once I'm over his knee.

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  1. Sounds fun! I find it most intriguing that you not only like to be bottoms-up, but that you apparently like to spank as well!! :-))

    Many happy b-day spanx to ya both!