Sunday, May 06, 2007

Recollections of my first spanking

I started dating G a few months after my twentieth birthday. He found out that I liked being spanked when he swatted me over my jeans a few times. Likewise, he opened up and said that he was a spanko, too.

I had never been spanked in my life, until this one day. He asked if I wanted to be spanked. I said yes, but didn't want a bare-bottomed one. As a result, he spanked me over my jeans, over his knee. I could feel the dull ache after it. It felt good. I was turned on. He was incredibly patient with me.

A day later, he asked if I wanted another spanking. I did. It was again over his knee. First, it was over my pants. He then asked if I wanted him to lower my panties down. I was willing to try it out, so I said yes.

Yes, I got my first bare-bottomed spanking. It was perhaps six smacks on each cheek with his hand. I loved it! It's now to the point where I take a lot more smacks for a longer period. It was a loving spanking that has endured over the course of our friendship, love, and marriage.

For the first few months, we experimented with a number of objects. To this day, I prefer getting spanked with G's bare hand. It's such a personal touch and my bottom is left a sore, lasting impression... ha! He also used the wooden hairbrush, which I like, but can only handle for so long before I squirm in pain.

G likes the cane. I gave him six of the best one day, as they say. It was his first caning received, and my first giving. We both don't like getting caned to the point where blood is drawn. I don't mind the cane, either.

G asked me to use his belt to strap him early in our relationship. I didn't like doing that to him. He didn't seem to mind getting his bottom strapped. I've also used a wooden clothes hanger on his cute bottom. I'd sooner use my hand on his backside, too.

I also like paddling him, particularly with him bent over a desk. He's okay with getting paddled, but has a lower pain threshold than I do. Yes, G said that to me after a few of these fun sessions. I wasn't even aware of that. Anyway, I do like getting paddled. A wooden paddle I had bought off eBay several years ago hangs on a hook in our bedroom. It comes in handy, I must confess.

We used to have our differences on getting pinches. He didn't like them, but I do. However, I changed his mind a few years after we were married. We were swimming together in the pool at a health club. We kissed. Sadly, I couldn't spank him underwater. Instead, I gave him a few loving pinches. I had completely changed his mind about receiving pinches. I'm so glad. He has a wonderful bottom for them.

Our spanking adventures continue to this day. It doesn't hurt unless you try. I know, I should lay off on the puns now.


  1. that sounds fantastic. I must say, I am especially intrigued that you are apparently switchable, as you like being bottoms-up and doing some of the tanning too!

    I find that very hot!


    p.s. I do wonder if you have spanked females...:)

  2. Thanks, Dave! I'm versatile that way.

    I haven't spanked any females. I've given a friend back in elementary school birthday spanks with my hand, but that has been it. That's a good question. I think it's worth trying out.

  3. My own spank-friendly marriage fell victim after 13 years together to me wanting harder paddlings than my wife was comfortable giving. That's not the only reason she left me, but I know it figured in her attitude.

    Spanking had long been a feature of our foreplay; me getting spanked across her lap. Stingy little paddlings that primed us for something naughtier. But as someone who'd been paddling and strapping myself for many years, going all through my teens and twenties longing for the bare-bottomed touch of female dominance, I couldn't help being frustrated.

    I love the sublime intimacy of bare hand on bare bum, but it's never given me what I'd call a 'serious' spanking. And I'm talking about multiple sessions with professional dommes. I need an implement of some kind to give me the pain I crave.

    Caning has never caught on with me in any respect. I'm not attracted at all to seeing it, and it just seems very heartless. I had a much different experience with being bent over and strapped. Feeling that slab of leather across my bare backside was like being entered in a kinky discipline marathon. The cane was quite foreign to me, but I'd gotten the strap on my hands in school. Getting it on my bottom, courtesy of a beautiful woman, was immensely validating for me.

    My wife had been wanting to meet a guy 'with a cute bum,' and I happily filled that role. But she hadn't been counting on him wanting it spanked, and it wound up coming between us. For all of our naughty playfulness, she was living with a spanking addict. Right or wrong, I couldn't be content with what I had.