Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spanking triggers in media

I touched briefly on this when I first started this blog that my interest in spanking started at a fairly young age. It's difficult to pinpoint what specific event in my childhood that has led me to get fully aroused when I either see the word spanking, see images of it, or hear someone utter the word.

I recall being in grade two and my teacher during the end of the year saying that if we had got more than three mistakes on our spelling test, that we would get the smacks. I naturally got five mistakes, but never got the threatened spanking I truly should have received. A bit of a letdown, I'm afraid.

Still in grade 2, I fondly remember seeing a Tom and Jerry cartoon where three kittens were being naughty. At the end of the cartoon, each one of these kittens had wings on them and were strung on a revolving clothesline that looked like an umbrella. I can't recall who was holding the wooden stick, but each one was paddled as the standing clothesline rotated. I somehow wished I was the one receiving the punishment.

Then, came Diff'rent Strokes, when Mr Drummond felt that Arnold needed a spanking. Instead, his brother Willis delivered the spanking. It's the thought of getting spanking for being naughty that intrigued me as a youngster.

I remember seeing the end of a One day at a time episode, where Alex was bent over the kitchen counter. Ann Romano had a wooden paddle that looked like a chopping block and was about to deliver a serious blow over Alex's bottom. Nice.

One of my favourite paddling scenes in a movie comes from Dead poets society. I entertain the thought of being a schoolgirl watching the paddlings from afar.

I love a good lovetap, too. Several years ago, while watching Fashion files on CBC Newsworld, I saw this fashion show where a man was lighting slapping a scantily clad woman over her proportionately beautiful backside. I was, and still am, incredibly envious of that woman.

These are some snippets of spanking memories that deal with various media. I hold them dearly, even though I am currently creating new spanking memories to call my own.


  1. One of my naughty habits has been to highlight spanking passages in library books. When I was in high school, I once found a book in the town library devoted to the "Ask Henry" newspaper advice column. Henry was a fellow teenager.

    I might've remembered more about him and his opinions if there hadn't been four or five pages given over exclusively to the subject of child spanking. There were letters printed from his parental readers, and I'll never forget one particular mother's assertion that "nothing brings results [with her two kids] like a firm application of my hairbrush on the bare bottom."

    As a boy who'd been teasingly denied that experience, I found myself endlessly imagining how it would look and how it would feel. The maternal hairbrush on my bare bottom. I was jealous of kids with mothers who believed in otk spankings on the bare bum. There I was, having to fend for myself.

    As for spanking on TV, I grew up in the day of the yo-yo. And there used to be a guy who'd come on and demonstrate all these wonderful tricks he could do with his - Walk The Dog, 'Round The World, stuff like that. The move that was special to me, though, was Spank The Baby.

    And I remember Ben Cartwright soundly spanking a young Indian girl across his knee on "Bonanza." The boy in my class with whom I'd traded bare bottom paddlings as a ten-year-old saw it too.

    Maybe it's a bit of an indirect trigger, but my psychosexually hpersensitive adolescence was also vividly punctuated by news reports of Yoko Ono's British film consisting of nothing but bare backsides; 365 of them it was supposed to have been, one after another on a treadmill at 15-second intervals. Again, I was envious, wishing that mine could've been among them. How long, I wondered, since any of them had been spanked? Surely with that number of voluntary bum models, there had to have been some adult spankings in the experiential mix.

  2. Back when spanking's naughtiness was new to me as a young boy, I was once randomly scanning the pages of a library novel when I suddenly struck shame-on-me gold. Some character or other was described as having "the complexion of a well-spanked bottom."

    Hugely provocative! "A well-spanked bottom" meaning rosy red. And a bare bottom, of course, because otherwise, how would the person know its colour.

    So here was this author who knew what a well-spanked bottom looked like. My naughty little mind wondered where that knowledge had come from.

    I'd taken the "Ask Henry" book home and returned it with my favourite sections from the spanking pages carefully underlined. I was too young to borrow the "complexion" book. Then again, I'd likely stumbled on the only such reference in it, so no great hardship.

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