Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tempted to spank my colleague and friend today

I've been working at my place of employment for nearly three years now. I have befriended a number of colleagues and am so grateful. One of my friends is DJ.

He started brief conversations with me, which turned into a joking, humourous friendship that has been great. We are similar in personality. That helps a lot.

Over the years, I get the hint that he may be a closet spanko. One time, he held a wooden ruler in his hand and slapped my arm with it. My other friend, CW, has known DJ for over a decade. One time, she told me that she gave DJ a couple of lovetaps on his bottom. He didn't seem to mind them.

I notice references from him, saying that he has been a "bad boy" and having me stand in the corner. We joke about it, but I truly believe that we share the same spanking interest here.

Yesterday, he was talking to a colleague. I went over to the colour printer to fetch my printouts. He was bent over the wooden desk in the colleague's cubicle, with his butt in the air. I was so tempted to go over there and give him a spanking. He has an adorable bottom. I don't know how I held my composure.

Roughly ten minutes later, he was in the same position. I wanted to use that wooden ruler he had in his hand that day when he had slapped my arm.

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