Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pinches and lovetaps

So, how did I become a spanko? I can't really pinpoint one event, so I'll have to briefly go back to when I was a youngster.

I recall being five years of age and my mother would bathe me daily. In the shower, from time to time, when it was over, she's lightly pinch my bottom. It didn't force me to rub one side of my bottom. I just remember it as being a loving gesture from my mom.

What did hurt a bit was being in kindergarten. It was gym time and we had a balance beam. We were too small to do anything incredibly creative, other than resting our bellies over the beam. This was apparently a perfect time for our kindergarten teacher to come over and pinch our bottoms. It didn't happen too often to me, but when it did, it did hurt a tad.

I was a pretty good girl. My parents never gave me an over-the-knee spanking in my life.

My childhood friend, whose birthday was November 20, told me the following day that her teacher had given her a birthday spanking in front of the entire class, but it wasn't hard. She demonstrated it on me at an intersection, as we were waiting for the traffic light to turn green. At that point, this didn't do anything for me.

Perhaps it was in grade 2 when spankings started to appeal to me. One day, my teacher was reviewing my math answers I had completed. I clearly remember what had happened after that.

I was standing next to her. She held me, while I was standing and kind of bent over. She lightly swatted my backside for roughly a minute with her hand.

"Do you know why I did that?" she asked me.
"No," I said, not knowing really how I felt, while looking down at my white shoes with Mickey Mouse on them.
"Because you were a naughty girl."

She proceeded to return my math answers to me and I returned to my desk.

That same year, I witnessed my male classmate getting scooped up by a visiting male teacher on his birthday, and getting a combination of spanks and pinches on his bottom, before he was placed back on the carpet, where everyone else was for story time. Wow.

Again, with math exercises, I went to give my math exercise answers to my teacher.

"You finished all your exercises, Cutiebootie?" she asked me.

Without even having an answer, she gave me a swat on my bottom with her hand and then gave me a side hug.

That same year, we had a major spelling test. She said to us, "If you get three or more mistakes, the smacks!" Well, I did get five words spelled incorrectly, but I never got a single smack on my bottom.

In grade five, I played the viola in our strings class. This happened just once, but my music teacher came over and used the rubber part of his baton on my bottom. That lone swat did sting a bit.

So, trying to sort this out now makes more sense. In my mind, these spanking/pinching incidents weren't because I was truly naughty. I was a good student. I look back and it makes sense why I ended up loving music, math, gym, and showers. My bottom getting pinched or spanked in each case was a positive experience for me.

And, yes, I love a good birthday spanking to this day. Since I've known G, he has given me a birthday spanking every year, generally over his knee, with my bottom bared.

I am truly loved.


  1. Hi Cutie!

    I just discovered your blog and I wanted to stop by and wish you well in your re-launch. I believe you'll find that there are lots of us here in cyberspace who appreciate a good spanking.

    Should you be so inclined, you are most welcome at my blog.

    With warm regards,

  2. Hi, Bonnie!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking my blog to yours! I appreciate your kind words.

    I enjoy reading your experiences and stories, so you can count on my frequent returns to your blog. =)

  3. Hi cutiebootie,

    I find these recollections absolutely fab--and fascinating.

    Hm....I do remember I think it was in first grade, the teacher and the whole class did these fake swats for a student's bday.

    Turns out my b-day was over the summer, so i went b-day swatless....

    Great site/keep up the fine work!
    "The Cherry Red Report"