Sunday, April 22, 2007


Okay, I was going to talk about my interest in birthday spankings, but I'll save that for my next entry. I'll be turning in soon, so I wanted to write something brief that happened on Friday, before I forget about it.

During our lunch break on Friday, DJ and I went to Costco to get some items. We were in the men's clothing section. I was looking at the jeans stacked up on the table. DJ said that he was wearing jeans he had purchased at this store last week.

"Do my jeans have the Kirkland brand on them or the Tommy Hilfiger?" he asked me.

I was too busy looking at his cute, spankable bottom to even pay attention. Several seconds later, I snapped out of this daydream temporarily.

"I can't tell," I said. Luckily, his belt was over the brand name, so what I had said made sense.

"I'm pretty sure they're Kirklands," he said, as he continued to push the cart forward with our items.

Hey, I'm no dummy. I tried to stay behind him for most of our time there. We are both married, but that doesn't mean that I can't admire his bottom. I can look at the goods. Sadly, I can't do any smacking.

*sigh* Life is so rough... ha!


  1. LOL. I have those 'bottom-browsing' daydreams on a daily basis. . .

    "The Cherry Red Report"

  2. They are the best daydreams to have, I must confess. :)

    Thanks again for your comments. I appreciate the support.