Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wake-up call for a last-minute brunch date

I slept in on Saturday morning. I was waking up at my own pace, catching up on reading e-mails on my phone.

I have a Pebble watch. I bought it because the pedometer is accurate and I ended up ditching my Fitbit One. It took getting used to wearing a watch, but I'm good with it now. It also allows me to answer my cell phone.

My phone rang. It was my guy.
"Hey," I said to him.
"Hey, how are you?" he asked me.
"Good. I woke up about half an hour ago," I replied.
"Nice," he replied. "I have been up since 07:00."
"Wow, it's a complete role reversal between us," I remarked.
"Yes," he acknowledged. "I was wondering whether you'd like to do lunch. I am in-between test-driving cars."
My guy has a habit of asking me to go out for last-minute dates here and there. He was a bit worried that I would say no, as he knows that I like to plan what I do on weekends.

My original plan was to go to the One of a Kind Show, which is a great show to go to when you are figuring out what gifts to give for Christmas or other occasions. I did a fine job getting gifts last year. I don't have a need to do it again this year because I have nothing to buy. Instead, I decided to run my usual errands.
"Sure," I said. "Where are you?"
"I'm in downtown Toronto," he replied. "I can take the Gardiner and meet you around Highway 427."
Dead silence on my end. My guy realized what he had said.
"You're east, right?" he asked.
"Yes. The 427 is west, closer to work, sweetie," I replied.
"You know that I am directionally challenged. How about the 404?" he replied.
"Yes," I said, trying not to giggle.
"East, west, north, south. I can meet you south, but I'd be in Lake Ontario," he joked.
"That would not be good," I remarked.
It was nice to have an eating date with my guy. It was lunch for him, but breakfast for me.


  1. LOL CB...just why do people insist on North, South, East, West directions? Happy you and your guy got to have lunch together. Has he decided on a car yet?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I texted him the restaurant address and he was happy to punch it into his GPS app on his phone. At least he knows that south is water!

      He didn't like the first two cars that he tested out on Saturday. I'm not sure about the third one. He is taking his time, which is good.

  2. Hopefully he can navigate his way around you.

    1. He has no problem with that type of navigation! =)

  3. Hello. It is nice to meet you. I am not sure how I got your link when I was looking up something to get my boyfriend for his birthday, but I am glad I did.

    This made me laugh. It is the opposite with my boyfriend and me.

    Once a month it seems, I am calling him in the car and asking him how to get back to the highway to get home.

    I have only looked at this first page of your blog, but I did see your 34 spanks spanking plan.

    Sooo how did it turn out? That sure sounds like a lot!

    I don't get it with that much that often, but when I do, I am sure glad teachers don't have to do much sitting. I would be sore for a couple days.

    Anyways, I will look thru your blog when I have more time.

    amber xxx

    1. Hi, Amber! Thanks for dropping me a line. It's nice to meet you, too.

      It sounds like you and my guy would get along well when it comes to asking for directions.

      My spanking plan will be played out this Friday, so I will certainly let you know how that turns out. It sounds like a lot of smacks, but I think that I'll be okay after a few days. =)

      Please feel free to drop by again when you have a chance.