Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lunch plan changes, car sold, and airport rides

My guy and I had talked about having lunch on Tuesday. My guy indicated that he'd be at work by 1 pm. He had a flight at 4:20 pm. I teased him about how appropriate the time was for weedy guy.

At around 11 am on Tuesday morning, my guy called me. I could tell that he was concerned.
"I put up my car for sale twelve hours ago. I just sold it this morning," he said, breaking the news.
"Wow, that was fast. Are you okay?" I asked him.
"I'm going through withdrawal symptoms, but I"m okay," he admitted.
"I won't be able to drive your manual car," I said in a disappointed tone.
"I did offer to let you drive it," my guy insisted.
"Yes, when we were both dopey. It's not good to be dopey and operating a vehicle," I reasoned.
"True," he admitted. "I am taking a taxi to the airport. If you'd like to still meet for lunch, you'll need to pick me up at the terminal."
"Okay. You'll be checking your bag in first, correct?" I asked him.
"Yes," he confirmed.
To make a long story short, I met him at the airport after 2 pm. He had a bit of a wait to check his luggage in. Meanwhile, I had figured out where the cell phone parking lot was, so I waited there for his call.

When my guy called me and indicated that he was finally done, I drove over to the departures level.
"I see your car, bluie," he replied. "It looks like you're speeding, as usual."
"I see you," I replied, recognizing his wave and admiring how good he looked.
He hopped in my car and we drove over to our old Chinese restaurant that we used to hang out at. The woman there immediately recognized us. It has been nearly a year since we were both there. She remembered what dishes we both liked. I think that it helps that my guy and I love the food there, and that I gave it a great review on Yelp.

We enjoyed eating our meals as we chatted.
"How's your backside these days?" my guy asked me.
"The soreness is nearly gone," I reported.
"That's impressive," he replied, admiring his spanking skills.
"It was a good spanking," I complimented him.
"Good! You deserved it. I also got a confession from you that you are a very bad girl," he said with a smile.
"We know that it's not true," I hinted.
"It's still a confession from a cute girl," he replied.
"You're sweet."
After lunch, I drove my guy back to the airport, holding his hand all the way there. It's always nice that we are affectionate. He also likes the added bonus that my hand ends up warming his cold hand.

We hugged once we arrived at the terminal. It was nice. I wished him a good flight. Luckily, it's a short trip. He flies back on Thursday.


  1. Hopefully you can get up to something very bad before he gets back.

  2. What a sweet sendoff for your guy. Now he's gonna be in more of a hurry to find a new car. Can definitely recommend the Toyota RAV 4 with the added bonus of a comfy tree house area. ;) I'm sure your guy will come up with something else naughty you have done so he can give you a good spanking when he returns. LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I asked about whether his selling his car so soon is putting pressure on getting a new one. He is actually okay with taking a taxi to get around. He also walks to the new Costco in his neighbourhood, so he's perfectly content!