Monday, November 28, 2016

Brunch at a Chinese restaurant and gift suggestions

On Saturday, I was probably ten minutes into my drive over to the Chinese restaurant where we were to meet when my guy called me. I indicated that it would take me another twenty minutes. He told me to take my time while he sipped some green tea.

I got to the restaurant, walked in, and it was packed. I was trying to find my guy, but I couldn't. A nice man at the restaurant asked if I needed any help. I asked whether he knew of a male customer sitting by himself. He pointed to my guy about four feet in front of me, sitting at a booth. I wouldn't have seen him from the angle that I was at.

I walked over to him and caressed his perfectly uniform head. He had soft stubble that felt nice. My guy smiled at me.
"Hey, you made it!" he said, putting his phone down.
"Yes, I finally did," I said, removing my coat and sat down across from him.
"Have some tea," he gestured.
"Is there any left?" I joked.
My guy is an attentive guy. He noticed my bracelet that he has never seen before.
"I got my bracelet for less than $20. It's sterling silver with a cute diamond ring charm," I described to him as he analyzed it on my right wrist.
"See, you're becoming a Cheap Bastard like me," he said proudly.
"I'm a CB-ette," I teased, which made him chuckle.
While we ate, we chatted about a number of things. One thing led to another and he asked me what I wanted for Christmas.
"I want you," I said to him without thinking.
"You can have me for Christmas, and all the days before and after it. I'm yours," he said.
He's sweet. He tends to ask me for gift suggestions, although he's good at gift-giving. I need to compile my list.