Sunday, November 20, 2016

Revised spanking tally - number of spanks is in triple digits

Love our lurkers (LOL) day ended up being a two-parter event this year. My intent was to collect comments from day one. The number of comments that day would be tabulated and the final result, along with the various spanking plans, would be shared on day two.

I received four comments on day 2. Part of me wants to say no, that wasn't the original plan, and to reject them. The pushover side of me wants to include them.

Well, since I am creatively adjusting my spanking plans from LOL day, I am going to include the four late comments, but reduce the number of smacks. So, instead of eight smacks, they count as four.

Why? I want the number to be 34. It's sentimental.

When my guy and I first started dating, he didn't want to know how old I was. To this day, I don't know whether he knows how old I am. To him, it doesn't matter. He just wants to be with me and love me. It's mutual.

We were chatting one day, several months after we officially started dating. He said that I looked cute and young. I was curious how old he thought that I was. Without hesitation, he said that I looked 34 years old. He was and is sweet.

So, it's 34 spanks. It's final.

My guy and I agreed on the following spanking plan:
  • 34 smacks with a wooden hairbrush
  • 34 slaps with my purple acrylic ruler
  • 34 whacks with a leather paddle
  • 34 spanks with whatever implement my guy would like to use
My guy is happy to carry out this plan. I can't wait! I will definitely share the results of this fun plan. Thanks for helping out!


  1. Enjoy your multiplies of 34 for each implement. Sounds a fun plan.

    Hugs Lindy

  2. Thirty four sounds like a Goldilocks spanking number, not too many and not too many. Enjoy.

    1. Yes, 34 is just right. It's fun being baby bear!

  3. You do get creative with your numbers don't ya, CB. Are you going to have all 4 spankings at once or 4 separate spankings...1 for each weapon? Looking forward to hearing how this works out. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It's the math minor (it was my major for three years my undergraduate years, but made it a minor in the final year) in me. My guy and I bond on math, which makes us a geeky couple.

      I want all four spankings together. I am more concerned about wearing my guy out!

  4. As Cat said, all at once? Hmmm.
    Or 4 seperate.
    What I think?
    I think you are stubborn enough to take them all at once, girl with the naughty name.


    1. You know me well, Han. I tend to have the stamina, coupled with a decent pain threshold. I'd like to have all spankings together. However, I will leave it up to my guy. If he wants to break the spankings up, I won't mind.

  5. They say that you are only as old as you feel and 34 strikes me as the perfect number...old enough to know better and young enough to do it all again. Hope the spanking goes well.

    1. Nicely said, DD! I will keep you posted on how the spanking goes.