Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My guy wearing math underwear

Last Christmas, I bought my guy a pair of bamboo underwear. The pattern had math equations on it and was named smarty pants. They were fitting (pun intended), as we both like math and he is geeky. My guy told me that he loved them and wanted to change his all his underwear to be bamboo.

I have never seen him in said pair of underwear until last Saturday. I was playing with his hard cock for a while in his pants. He then undid his pants.
"I'm wearing your underwear that you got me last year," he said with a huge grin.
"Nice!" I exclaimed, touching the material before I continued playing with his member.
It's nice when he appreciates a gift that I have bought him. It was also great that I made him ejaculate all over my hand that night.

I could get him another pair. One pattern has hot dogs all over. I would love to see him in it, but I am not sure that he'd like seeing hot dogs, as he always tells me that they are bad for me to consume!


  1. Maybe you should buy him a bamboo plant so he has a supply of fresh switches.

  2. LOL CB...you have GOT to get him those hot dog underwear! His love for you and his frugal heart won't allow him to not wear them...and you can almost guarantee they will be a reminder to him of how much work he has to do to keep his naughty geeky girl in line! :D

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I entertained the thought today when we had lunch. He told met hat I'd like them more than he would. I still think that he'd wear them, simply because the bamboo is so soft and he loves the math underwear that I got him. For dinner, I got a hot dog after our conversation. =)