Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Contractor nightmare is over and my spanking is coming

The nightmare at work (that is, the male contractor who yawns and is nonproductive) ended on Tuesday. My manager gave him two weeks to complete an assignment remotely and declared him terminated from the company after he hands in his work.

Part of me felt relieved. I was having my lunch when my manager escorted the contractor from the building. It has been highly stressful to work with someone who is clearly there to earn money and to not learn. The other part of me does not like to see him lose his job less than a month before the holidays.

He spent nearly a week editing a single Word document that was well under 100 pages. He had a deadline originally set for two days to get it done.

He doesn't retain much that I have taught him. Oddly, my manager told me that this contractor remembered that I had said that he was doing a good job. Um, that was during his second week. It wasn't as of late. My boss said that he is clueless. I have to concur.

My manager stated that everything that he does ends up having mistakes. He is right. Every time I had to review his work, including early Tuesday morning, I found mistakes.

He could not get processes in order. They were not difficult to follow!

Frankly, I wasn't too thrilled after interviewing him with my manager nearly two months ago. I didn't like the idea that he wanted to learn what everyone else was doing around him. My boss regrets hiring him. I also didn't get how this contractor scribbled notes on the side of his writing test that he had completed just before his interview with us. Why?

My manager left the contractor's training manuals and his notebook. I leafed through the latter. He included his monthly expenses. He had thirty bagels going for a dollar each. As someone who loves bagels, he was paying too much for one. I ended up ripping his notes out of the notebook and shredding them. His notes were not detailed.

My guy wrote the training manuals. He is always helpful when I ask him for them for my co-op students and new hires.

My guy is busy preparing for his trip. He flies out on Friday. It's the same day where I receive 34 x 4 smacks across my backside. And, yes, it makes me happy just thinking about it.


  1. Happy your contractor is no longer under your feet, CB but really hope he completes the assignment correctly and on time.

    Ooh, you're gonna have a sore bum to remember your guy by when he's traveling. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I hope that he finishes his assignment within the allotted time, too. Luckily, I don't have to deal with him daily.

      Yes, I will be sore on Friday. It'll be a good reminder of him for a few days. =)