Monday, April 13, 2015

M is for malls

I tend not to walk an entire mall these days. The malls near me are huge in the sense that you can spend countless hours there. Knowing me, I'd end up cleaning out all the money in my bank account.

In Montreal, I went to outlets and box stores. For some reason, going to several of these stores is enough for me. 

When I had returned to Toronto, I noticed that my iPhone screen had lifted at the top. I couldn't push the screen back down and be flush. I decided to book a Genius Bar appointment at my local Apple store (the nearest one is fairly new, but parking can be a challenge on the weekend). So, I had no choice but to visit the mall.

First, I was told that the entire screen needed to be replaced. I was fine with that. I signed the work order and was told that it would take an hour. So, I walked around the mall.

It's a pretty big mall. To avoid spending, I sat down on a comfortable leather bench and relaxed. Over an hour later, I went back to the Apple store.

It turns out that my iPhone's battery was "swollen," meaning that the screen could not be upgraded. Instead, I got a new replacement phone for free! It is a good thing that I had backed up all my data.

The downside? All my apps appeared on my new phone, but the apps weren't downloaded properly. So, I had to manually do that. Luckily, I had the entire weekend to do this task. It wasn't bad, though. I got rid of many apps that I no longer use and all is well.


  1. When I'm just 'window shopping' and really don't have a lot of spare funds, I find lots of stuff I want...especially clothing. But when I need an outfit or an item for a specific occasion or when I have a bit of extra funds...can't find a blasted thing!

    Ooh...what caused your battery to swell? That sound scary.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. I know. It happens to me often. I see a lot of stuff that I'd like to buy when I am not in spending mode. When I need something, I usually can't find it and spend hours tracking it down. Ugh!

      I am not sure why my phone's battery ended up swelling up. I am glad that it has been replaced and all is well. =)