Friday, April 10, 2015

J is for joke and jerk -- a double-paddling evening

My guy started the day off by taking his belt off a pair of pants that he had worn the day before. The belt fell, landing on the carpeted floor. I picked it up. He wrapped most of the belt around his hand and thought that it would be good to punish me with it.

I am a bit hesitant about getting the belt across my backside. Getting welts terrifies me. My guy said that we should try it and that he would take it easy on me. We'll see how that goes when I am ready.

After work, my guy picked me up at the hotel and we drove over to Costco. We ate at the food court, because he was getting hungry. He bought me a hot dog. It was a miracle! He told me that I have been good about not eating hot dogs so often, so he was okay buying me one. He got the Montreal smoked meat sandwich (it makes sense, now that we are in the city). I suggested that we also get fries with gravy. We both don't normally eat fries, but the ones at Costco are yummy.

My guy doesn't normally do gravy. He tried it and liked it. Perhaps one day, I will convince him to eat a hot dog. However, it is a victory for me to just have him buy one without telling me that eating one is bad for me.

We then walked around the store. We didn't get anything that stood out. Afterwards, we went to Winners and Best Buy before heading back to our hotel room.

I was looking for a case for my Bose speaker. I was telling him earlier that I had found it, but no one was willing to help me out at the Bose store. My guy said that the sales guy was a Bose-zo. It was my guy's attempt at telling a punny joke. He's cute that way.

My guy wanted to spank me before we both hit the sack. He was playing the stern disciplinarian, telling me to go get the leather paddle. I didn't want to. He threatened to use the belt on me. I got scared and suggested that he use the slippers that were in the room.

He did a test run on me. The sound that the slipper was making against my buttocks was nice, but it didn't hurt me. Instead, he went back to demanding that I fetch the leather paddle.

I reluctantly got it. He told me to give it to him. I played the girl who was too afraid to. Eventually, I did. He then gestured to go over his knee. I resisted at first, which he managed to swat me a couple of times before I was finally over his knee.

He spanked me hard with the leather paddle. He reinforced the fact that I am always a bad girl. I kicked up my feet when it hurt. He tapped my feet and calves, and continued slapping my butt. It hurt, but I loved it.

He then played with my crotch and, eventually, I came. It was nice. I then cuddled up to him and he held me.

We watched a bit of TV.
"I need to spank you again," he stated.
"Why?" I asked curiously.
"For not playing with my hard cock," he reasoned.
"But, you didn't tell me that you wanted me to do that," I whined.
"It's understood. Get over my knee,"
"No," I said defiantly.
"Don't make me pull you over my knee myself," he said sternly.
I got out of my cuddling position, kissed his forehead, and obediently when over his knee.

The second round of smacks with the leather paddle hurt a lot more. I loved it. He has never spanked me twice within an hour.

After my second paddling, I hugged him tightly for a bit. I then nuzzled his erect penis. I then reached in his pants to play with it before we both pulled down both his briefs and pants.

I gave my guy a handjob. He loves when I jerk him off. It showed.

We both had a good evening. I tucked him in and kissed him goodnight.


  1. Hey CB...Congrats on getting your guy to buy you a hot dog! My ex alternated between a wooden paddle, a leather lash type weapon (he made) and a belt whereas Matthew usually started out with his leather hand buddy for a warm up and then used his belt. Very rarely did I ever welt. I really preferred the belt to the wooden paddle! ;) Good luck.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. Miracles do happen! My guy has seen the restraint that I have eating hot dogs as of late, so he was fine with buying me one. It was yummy!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the belt. I should have him use it on me, since it doesn't sound like you got any welts. Perhaps I will even like it!

  2. Twice in one hour huh? Lucky girl..


    1. It was a special night. I hope to be spanked like that again soon!