Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flower fly swatters as spanking implements

As mentioned in a previous post, I visited the local dollar store. I was there to get some Krazy Glue for one of the wheel stoppers on my Gazelle glider, which I use practically daily to work out as I watch TV.

My guy, whom I affectionally call Cheap Bastard now and again, got me into visiting the store. The first couple of months that we were dating, he managed to buy a couple of bamboo spatulas from a dollar store as spanking implements. They work effectively and they have not splintered across my bare bottom.

As I browsed, I noticed the garden section. Yes, here's hoping that winter is finally over!

I found a two-pack of flower-shaped fly swatters. They look like this picture, except that one of flowers is purple:

I tested them out my slapping one of them against the back of my hand. They are pretty flexible that I am sure that they pack many decent swats across my backside.

I told my guy about my find. He was proud that I got them for a decent price, that they were in my favourite two colours, and that he couldn't wait to spank me with them.

It was a wonderful find. I will report back on how they fair when I get spanked with them.


  1. A purchase that will keep on giving.

    Have fun,

    1. Yes, indeed! Being on the receiving end is nice, too. =)

  2. I love Dollar Store CB...that's where I buy most of my gift bags as well as a lot of craft supplies. Oh and tell your guy to use a lot of wrist action with those swatters...they will be very stingy but less likely to break than if he used more shoulder action. Have fun. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. I do the same thing, Cat. I get many gift bags, tissue paper, and other crafty goods from the dollar store.

      I will let my guy know about the wrist action tip. He has broken a crop that he bought for me a while back. I won't feel too bad if these swatters break. It just means that I need to return to the dollar store. =)