Sunday, April 12, 2015

L is for lifting weights

I had a rude awakening on Tuesday morning. At 06:00, the sound of my guy's obnoxious alarm on his phone woke us up. The sound was a combination of an annoying car alarm and a vibrator that had gone haywire.

My heart felt like it wanted to separate permanently from my body for a bit. I told my guy that even I don't set my alarm that early when I expect to show up at work by 08:30. He smiled and thought that I was cute, but that I had a point.

My guy had slept pretty well, so I was pleased. He wanted to go to the gym and asked if I wanted to accompany him. We have never worked out together, so it was a nice first for both of us.

I had bought a $5 black t-shirt from Old Navy the day before. It had the number four on the front. I am not superstitious, as the number is bad luck in the Chinese culture.

My guy asked why that number was on my shirt. I had told him that my shirt also came in orange, which had the number nine on it. When you put both shirts together, you get 94, which is the year (1994) in which Old Navy was established. I don't look good in orange and this shirt didn't come in my size, so I lucked out.

I noticed that the washing instructions tag was inside my new t-shirt, on my left side. I said that it was bugging me, but that I liked my t-shirt. Without any hesitation, my guy found his utility knife and offered to remove the tag. He did it carefully and thoroughly. The tag no longer irritated my side. He's handy and thoughtful.

When I travel, I have a swimsuit, cover-up, shorts, and a t-shirt with me. I like to squeeze in a workout when I can. Luckily, these articles of clothing don't take up much space in my suitcase.

My guy worked out at a leisurely pace. He walked on the treadmill for a while. I started off with the elliptical machine because I like working my calves, hamstrings, butt, and heart.

I moved over to the lat pull and leg press machines, before ending my workout with the exercise bike. My guy moved over to do free weights and ended up stretching on the mat. He has a nicely toned chest, which I love resting my head against when we're cuddling. He also has nice biceps that I like touching and caressing.

We both left the gym after working out and headed back to the hotel to change into our regular clothes. He ironed the dress shirt that I had bought him over a year ago and I admired his handy work.

We then when to the lounge to get some breakfast. We chatted as we downed a pretty decent breakfast.

Afterwards, we went back to our room. My guy hugged me and left for work. I wished him a good day. As for me, I headed off to a bunch of outlet stores that I had passed by en route to Montreal.


  1. Ooh CB...all your guy would have gotten from me is an alarm thrown across the room. I definitely would not have been going for an early morning not a morning person! Looking forward to reading about your outlet shopping.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. I used to be strictly a night owl. However, I am a weird combination of a night owl who has no problems getting up early. Perhaps I should have thrown his cell phone across the room. I would have liked a severe spanking for that. =)