Saturday, April 04, 2015

D is for driving

I am taking an extended Easter weekend off. On Good Friday, I drove from Toronto to Montreal.

It has been roughly six years since I was last in Montreal and drove to the city. Things are different:
  • Traffic congestion is horrible, especially around Ajax and Whitby
  • There are more provincial rest stops
  • I passed by at least three outlet malls along my drive
I drive a Prius. I can drive to and from Montreal on a single tank of gas when I am not driving at the speed of light. I took my time getting to Montreal and made it well under six hours.

The hotel that I am staying at is by the airport. It is comfortable and has a kitchenette. I have already cooked myself dinner. I knew that I wouldn't want to drive myself over to a restaurant, so I decided to bring some groceries along. Even if I didn't feel like cooking, there is a restaurant in the hotel, and an incredible selection of restaurants by the movie theatre a block away. I will do some sightseeing tomorrow and Sunday.

My guy flies in on Sunday, so we'll have a few days together. He had a list of items for me to bring. I was a good girl and brought all of them:
  • A short skirt
  • Purple nail polish
  • A black bra
  • A leather paddle
  • Restraints
  • A dong
  • Strawberry oral gel
It'll be a fun trip!


  1. Wishing you two a wonderful and fun reunion! Safe travels home.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. Thanks, Cat. So far, it has been wonderful. =)

  2. Just catching up, after a too long time, girl with the naughty name, but I intend to comment on all of your letters.... Well, a trip to memory lane in a Prius. And cooking in your hotel room. And naughty stuff in your suitcase....

    And you wonder why I want to read all your posts?

    1. It's good to hear from you, Han. I see that you have started adding your comments, which I welcome and enjoy reading about. I am glad that my writing makes you want to read all my posts for this challenge!