Thursday, April 23, 2015

W is for whiskers and belt welts

This post is a mix of thoughts that I have had recently.

The other day, I decided to purchase a hair removal system that permanently gets rid of unwanted hair. There have been some promising scientific studies on this device.

Several years ago, I tried one product that seemed to work. My guy has remarked that my legs are smooth, even if I forget to shave my legs. The downside to the device that I used back then is that I can't get replacement sticky pads for it.

Since my twenties, I have had facial stubble around my chin and jawline. I tend to pluck them. However, I cannot do any plucking while using this new hair removal system. Instead, I need to shave daily.

I must have at least forty hairs. I do feel like a guy when I shave my face, but only for a minute.

I have also been thinking about having the belt used for a future spanking. My guy wants to try it. It does turn me on when he holds his brown belt in his hand, moments after he has removed it from his belt loop.

I still fear getting welts, although I have been reassured that it won't happen and that my guy will take it easy on me. My guy encourages me to try it. I may like it. He has always been more of a risk taker than I am. I admire that quality in him.

I will keep you posted on both experiences down the road.


  1. Hey CB...please let us know if the new product works...would love to not have to shave my legs anymore! As long as your guy gives you a good warm up and takes it easy with the belt, I am betting you will not have any welts. Ya know...the longer you wait, the bigger it builds up in your mind. Once you receive the spanking, you'll probably wonder what the big deal was all about. ;) Keep us informed!

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. I will definitely keep you posted, Cat. I probably need at least two months to see more noticeable results.

      I will also share what happens when the belt gets used on me. I appreciate your tips and experiences with the belt!