Saturday, April 11, 2015

K is for a kiss

My guy and I love kissing each other. When we do, we can often go for minutes. It's a problem when we have to leave immediately for work or something.

My guy had to go to work the day that I was leaving Montreal. For me, it would be an easy drive home, so I didn't have a set time to leave.

After we had breakfast together, we headed back to our room. He gathered his laptop and hat. He told me to drive safely and let him know when I had arrived home. He knows that I have a lead foot when I drive and told me to ease off the accelerator. I nodded obediently.

I wished him a safe drive to work and a great day. You could tell that we wanted to kiss, but knew that we would be in a lip lock for a while. Instead, we embraced each other tightly.

He left the room and I continued to pack.

Five minutes later, I heard him come through the door.
"Hello!" he exclaimed, trying to find me. I was off to the side, packing away my toiletries.
"Hey, you're back!" I said, surprised to see him so soon. "What did you forget?"
"My change," he said, picking up half the toonies and quarters off the desk.
"You're not going to take all your change?" I asked him curiously.
"No, I'm good with half my stash."
Our eyes met. We both knew that we should have kissed earlier. We made up for it. It was one sweet kiss that didn't make us want to make out, take off our clothes, and spend the rest of the day in bed together. It was meaningful and loving.

We hugged yet again. Our hug felt nice, too. It was a decent, long one. I hugged him tight. He reciprocated.
"If I see you back for a third time, I will be concerned. But, I won't mind seeing you so soon," I said, smiling at him.
My guy smiled back at me, blew me a kiss, and left for work.


  1. What a lovely way to start the day CB. Leaving you both with a warm glow and a promise of more to come. ;) Hope your foot was too leaden.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. There is more to the story, which will be covered sometime this week. It was definitely a nice way to start the day and it wasn't a sad departure. I didn't break the sound barrier getting home, but the weather wasn't great. I saw snow and rain along the way, but I made it home just fine.

  2. I LOVE kissing too.... one of the simple pleasures in life


    1. Hi, Molly! Thanks for stopping by. I agree that kissing is enjoyable. I am glad you agree. =)