Tuesday, April 21, 2015

U is for up

It was towards the end of the workday last week. I was at the office on the third floor. I needed to head back to the fifth floor, where I normally work.

I tend to take the elevator upstairs. When I think about it, I should use the stairs more often.

Anyway, the elevator came. The doors opened. I caught a couple making out. They saw me and they seemed somewhat surprised. I felt a bit uncomfortable. However, they reminded me of my guy and me making out.
"Sorry to intrude," I said, entering the elevator. "As soon as I leave, you guys can resume."
"It's okay," the man said. "There's no Aerosmith."
"It's too bad that there isn't any Muzak in these elevators," I said, which made them both laugh.
I wished them a good evening and left the elevator, smiling. They were a lighter version of my guy and me. They were missing the groping, fondling, pinching, and spanking that we often do.


  1. Cute story CB. We had a guideline for stairs in the last high rise office I worked in...2 flights down/1 flight up.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. Thanks for sharing your stairs guideline, Cat. I need to figure out what our office's one would be. =)