Wednesday, April 08, 2015

H is for hotel

My guy arrived in Montreal at around 19:00. He called me at the airport, while waiting for his luggage to arrive off the carousel. He told me that it would be an hour before he'd be at the hotel. I was to meet him there, to figure out the parking arrangements.

Our phone connection died while talking an hour later. I called him a few times and got his voice mail instead. I eventually pulled up to the hotel. He and the valet driver found me.

We got valet parking. It was nice. We headed up to the 32nd floor of the hotel. Unfortunately, the door lock wasn't functioning properly, so we moved to another room a floor above. It worked. The bellboy (he was also the concierge) arranged to get our new room keys and make sure that our switch was seamless.

I stared outside and loved the beautiful view of the city. My guy wrapped his arms around me by the window. I put my hands on top of his. I missed him so much.

He kissed my neck, hugged me tightly, and played with my breasts by groping them. He then rubbed his hard cock against my butt. We both laughed when he simulated taking me from behind.

The bellboy came back with our luggage. It was nice to get that type of service. I am used to hauling my luggage up myself. The hotel that we are staying at is pretty fancy. It's in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Once he left, my guy and I continued to kiss. He gave me a few smacks on my backside while I was caressing his back and head. Unfortunately, my time-of-the-month period had started early. My guy is okay with making me aroused in other ways. He's sweet that way.

My guy was horny and hungry. We satisfied both by first giving him a blowjob and using my strawberry-flavoured oral gel. He loved it. He cam pretty quickly.

We then hopped into my guy's rental car and drove over to a local deli. My guy was happy with his hamburger. I had the jumbo smoked meat sandwich, which hit the spot.

We then headed back to the hotel for more fun.


  1. So happy you two were able to connect and enjoy one in another in a lovely environment with a beautiful view. I know you both like tree house time but isn't it nice to be able to stretch out.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. A hotel room is definitely more comfortable. Treehouse time is great, but hotel time is even better! =)

  2. Oh, your guy brought his own seasonings....

    It is so wonderful to read when you are together... Maybe being apart makes the moments together more a treasure...


    1. I love your remark about my guy bringing his own seasonings. =)

      We do value the time that we have together. He travels often, so we both don't take being together for granted. I suppose that makes our time together even more special.