Wednesday, April 15, 2015

O is for early morning orgasms

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up at 06:40 and thought that my guy was late getting up to head off to work. After all, the previous day, he set his phone's obnoxious alarm to 06:00.

I debated whether to personally wake him up. I decided to attend to my bladder, which felt like it wanted to explode at any moment.

I quietly walked up to my guy in bed. He had a pillow over his head. His left cheek was on the pillow, but he was twisted such that his left arm was closest to me. His left palm was facing up.

I didn't hesitate and held his hand, like I have so often. I made circles in his palm. He knew it was me. He immediately pulled off his pillow that was protecting his head, turned around, and said good morning.

Of course, I had to ask whether he was late getting up. He confided that he had set his alarm for 07:00. At this stage, I had him up thirteen minutes early. He was okay with it.

He asked me how I was. I was good, but told him that he was Mr Meanie last night, as I sat next to him on the bed. It wasn't his fault. He was sleepy, but we neither spent any cuddling, nor quality time together.

My guy looks sweet first thing in the morning. He rested quietly in bed with his eyes closed. I hugged him for a bit. He told me that he needed to shave. I caressed his face and chin. I agreed with him.

He was finally fully awake. I was still sitting crosslegged on the bed. He played with my right nipple.
"How come you're not wearing a bra?" he asked me, playing with my erect nipple.
"Because you told me not to in the past, remember? You spanked me for wearing one to bed."
"I love how easily stimulated you get," he said, continuing his handy finger work on my nipple.
"Now, I am going to have abnormal nipples," I commented.
"No, you won't," he assured me, working on my left nipple.
It always feels so good when he plays with my nipples.
"Come lie down next to me," he insisted, gently pulling me towards him.
My guy was spooning me. I love when he does that.

He rubbed his bare legs against mine. He immediately groped my left buttock. He quickly moved to my crotch.
"You are so bad. Yet, it feels so good," I stated.
My guy slipped his hand under my pyjama shorts and panties, and continued groping my butt. Soon, we were both slipping my panties and shorts off.

He pleasured my wet pussy with his fingers. I was completely aroused. Moments later, I reached orgasm.

He hugged me tight and let me enjoy the moment. He then felt like fingering my butt. He hasn't done that for a while. It also helped that my period had ended the day before! I reached orgasm yet again and was limp in his arms.

My guy hugged and kissed me before he got on with his day. He came back moments later and put his comforter over me before he went back to shave.

I asked my guy whether he was running late. He wasn't. He actually got to work too early the day before.
"If I am asked why I am late, I will say that I had more pressing issues to attend to this morning," he explained, sporting a grin while telling me.
"Yes, like pressing your hard cock against my bare thigh," I remarked, which we both agreed was both sensual and erotic.
We both got dressed and then headed to the lounge for some breakfast. We were both hungry. Going to bed early and having some fun quality time in the morning does that to us.


  1. Ya know CB...I love how you just give us little glimpses into your sweet.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. Thanks, Cat. It's great having sweet experiences to share. =)