Friday, August 02, 2013

New sandals, a spanking, and a cookie

It was an odd day. I got to work and didn't say a word to my guy. Our timing was simply off.

My guy was talking to a colleague when I got to my desk. I ended up returning a phone call. They walked away over to the colleague's desk. I ended up talking to two of my three writing colleagues, which took up most of my afternoon.

My guy was at his desk for most of my talks with my colleagues. We finally exchanged words on Skype. He asked me when I wanted to leave work. I told him the sooner, the better, before I would get bombarded with more questions.

The funny thing was that I had said goodbye to my colleagues. My guy apparently didn't hear that, as he was too focused on filling out his timesheet. He eventually made it over to the treehouse, explained that he was deaf, and apologized for being late.

We got into the backseat. I rubbed my guy's leg. It had cookie crumbs all over his navy blue slacks. He brushed them off. I told him that he was "crummy." He smiled and also noted that it didn't sound so charming.

I got hungry. My guy was kind to offer me his last cookie. We talked as I munched. Afterwards, he took the empty cookie wrapper from me.
"You're Cookie Monster," I said to him as we kissed. "But, you're not blue or have big eyes on top of your head."
"You must be a cock monster," he hinted. I looked at him funny. We both laughed.
"You mean Cockie Monster?" I asked.
He brushed the cookie crumbs off my skirt. He continued to place his hand on my tummy, leg, lap, and inner thigh, to gauge how ticklish I was.

He wanted to talk more about how ticklish I can be. I told him that I'd have to kiss him to make him shut up. It worked!

When we came up for air, he told me that I was a naughty girl. He wanted to spank me. I was game.

I obediently went over his knee. He started to spank me with his hand over my skirt. He lifted it up moments later and continued spanking me over my panties.
"I don't know why you're punishing me. I am a good girl."
"No, you're not," he replied. "A good girl does not wear black lacy panties and have fingers up her wet pussy."
He was still spanking me. They were hard smacks, with several of them landing on my left buttock. It hurt a bit, which caused my legs to kick up.
"You're wearing your old sandals! I told you not to wear them," he said, pretending to be angry and smacking my left buttock even harder.
"They are new sandals!" I exclaimed. He paused.
"You're right. I apologize," he said, rubbing my left buttock. "I take that back."
"How can you take a spanking back?" I asked him.
"You're right. I need to spank the other buttock as many times as the left."
And, so, he did just that. It was cute.